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Do you have the plan of starting a business? Do you wish to develop an existing business? Or are you starting a non-profit? Whatever your project may be, you need to create a plan and knowledge that will ensure you have a successful business operation.

Even though the business planning process takes lots of shape, form, and level of intensity, it is something that should be done so your business won’t fail. Almost 50% of new businesses fail within 5 years of establishment. A perfect business plan can help your business survive and grow. 

That is why we have made our incredible short book titled “Secrets of Business Plan Writing” available for you. We don’t want your business to add up to the statistics of failing businesses. Whatever the stage of your business this influential book is just for you. 

If you are wondering how much this short book can benefit you, we will show you the embedded benefits of this product. 

•You will find out why you need a business plan and various templates for you

•You will learn the step-by-step process of writing a business plan

• It offers navigation index you can use as reference guide 

•Each process provided are easy to understand, so you will spend less time writing a business plan and have more time for your business. 

•The Secrets of Business Plan Writing is loaded with actionable advice, information and various sources to get your information. 

Of course, we cannot argue the fact that our product is not 100% detailed. How primary focus is to ensure your business is headed towards the right direction, you understand each section of your business plan, and also provide you great pointers so you can write a satisfactory business plan.

The Secrets of Business Plan Writing our incredible book has in store for you would save you the cost of employing a professional to write your business plan for you. You could save about US$2000 which is more than enough to take care of some other important projects. 

The more you delay purchasing this powerful short book, the more you be at the risk of getting a low customer volume, budget problems, and in a worst-case scenario closure of your business. So why wait when you have something that can offer you the saving grace! 

Business & Personal Finance
July 1
Andrei Besedin
Ingram DV LLC

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