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Sarah Thompson, although still learning how to manage her powerful psychic abilities, emerged stronger after her adventures in The Gift of the Twin Houses. She opened her heart to her new family and left behind the fear of being different. But with so much more in her life now, her unruly sixth sense could derail her - and that means she has much more to lose. 

Sarah’s new adventure in Secrets of Innocence begins when she finds an unconscious man on the side of the road who has been badly beaten and can’t remember anything, not even his own name. Her subconscious conjures up a movie. 

Could it be a spirit trying to communicate? 

As she tries to interpret the irksome film and unravel the mystery that surrounds the gentle amnesiac, she uncovers a trail of deception, regret, and violence.

She will also have to dodge Sheriff Williams who finds Sarah’s psychic abilities suspicious, and labels her a witch. Facing enmity from the sheriff, Sarah and her husband, Conrad, are on their own in an increasingly dangerous search for the truth.

About the Author

V. & D. POVALL, also known as "2authors" , are a man and a woman, two minds, two spirits, giving existence to works of fiction. 

A husband-and-wife team - their output includes short screenplays, full-length screenplays, novels, a science-fiction epic, and several nonfiction manuals and articles. 

With rich family backgrounds, the two bring a wealth of experiences and differing points of view to their work. Their ancestry has ties to both Native American tribal groups and European royalty. 

Having lived with and explored different cultures throughout the world, they speak several languages, and bring a rich understanding of human nature to their stories. Their broad spectrum of interests, writing styles, genres, and skills further enrich their tales. Between them they possess a doctorate and years of practical experience in film, television, and theater.

To learn more about V. & D. Povall check out their website www.2authors.com.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 11
Dragonfly Media
Gatekeeper Press

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