Secrets of the Natural Athlete (And How They Can Be Yours‪)‬

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In Secrets of the Natural Athlete you will learn that there is a body motion in almost every sport or physical activity that a gifted athlete performs intuitively, but is unseen by those watching. Even coaches, trainers, and instructors can’t identify it.

Now this secret can be yours.

Learn how natural athletes engage their entire body in an efficient, fluid, and seamless flow of motion, resulting in what appears to be effortless power, control, and grace. This unseen dynamic motion and balance is what makes the greatest athletes stand out from the rest, however, this unique motion is NOT exclusive to top athletes. It can be learned by anyone, and it can be seen in all graceful or natural motion - from dancers to martial artists, to a waving flags, to cracking whips. Babies use this same motion to roll over in their crib, or when learning to crawl. Everyone is born with the ability to perform this motion. We do it naturally, and as we grow up and become one-side dominant, we lose it, triggering the demise of our athleticism.

Sports & Outdoors
March 10
Jack Broudy
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kelcamp ,

great READ!

I consider myself a lover of sports and reading. But i never thought I would be reading a book about tennis technique or technique in general. That is, until my tennis coach recommended this book to me! What an enjoyable read! I got into tennis about two years ago and I am hooked. I wanted to speed up my learning process of the sport and decided to give this book a shot and was not disappointed at all. I think this will appeal to athletes in all levels because the principals are easy to understand and easy to put into practice! Most importantly, they work! I already notice a big shift in my game.

Ramon Osa ,

Secrets of the Natural Athlete

This is a MUST HAVE book for ALL athletes. I wish I could give it 10 stars, honestly.

Jack eloquently describes what is physically happening in all top performers of sport. He uses hard SCIENCE as proof that there is an OPTIMUM way to hit a tennis ball (or throw a football for that matter). His method works. I know it works because I practice it EVERY day. With this knowledge, tennis commentators could really enhance the game of tennis for the common viewer, and ultimately grow the greatest game in sports.

Confronting the elephant in the room, Jack goes into detail about what is wrong with tennis today. He lets us know with no punches held that commentators on TV just don’t understand what is REALLY happening out on the court. “He’s in the zone” is really just a blanket statement that totally ignores the truth. He also gives a prescription for how to fix it! A light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are serious about tennis, and buy only one book this year. This is the book for you to buy. I gleaned more from the first chapter of this book than the previous 20 books I’ve read about tennis including "The Inner Game of Tennis”.

Buy the book, and enjoy! :)

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