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Publisher Description

Wind Shadow Chronicles is a profound and imaginative fantasy book-series that challenges the proverbial questions of faith, science and morals. It meticulously depicts a dark and unforgiving world where hope must be restored. The story moves with tenacious pace, unveiling heightened mysteries and revelations that capture a reader’s imagination. 

The first book, Secrets of the White Lake takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where a mysterious aurora hovers in the sky like a beacon, silently, eloquently. To some the mysterious lights were nothing more than a natural phenomenon while others saw religious manifestations. But for an old Indian shaman it was a prophetic sign that his seventh year has passed. Reluctantly, he must return the children back to a ravaged world—this is their journey home.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 11
Cat Moon Publishing
Fook Kwong Daniel Chong

Customer Reviews

Mailee Coombs ,

Love this book

I love this book!! Once I started reading I could not put it down. I have always enjoyed science fiction books, I like that you can imagine whatever you want when reading. I appreciated the balance between the different points of view each character brings. Regardless of their beliefs they have to work together if they want to survive. As soon as I started to think I had it all figured a new development would happen and I was rethinking everything. I love when a book can keep you on edge and guessing what will happen next!

Cant wait for the 2nd book to see what will happen to my favorite character Miya!!!

Christopher Euler ,

Great Book

The main story of this book revolves around three adolescents (a brother and sister and a "friend) making a journey through a post-apocalyptic world. On the surface it seems like a familiar action-adventure tale. However, the book is much more ambitious than that. The narrative combines elements from religion, philosophy and modern science, making the book far more than a "light" read. There is also a fair bit of character development, and so patience must be exercised when reading. The author advertises a second book in the series, where I would expect the dedication to the character development to pay off and when the action really gets going. Indeed, the title of the second book "Battle of the Burnt Ground" strongly suggests that. But we'll have to see! I enjoyed this book immensely, as I appreciate thought provoking stories.

Lung San ,

Secrets of the White Lake

My good friend Valerie and I were talking the other day and she told me about this book. She said I just have to read it since both of us were nuts for dystopian books. I hate Amazon so I ordered the paperback from Barnes & Nobles. Well, I just finished the book today and…OMG!! Let me start by saying that there are certain elements I don’t care for in the book, but that’s a discussion for another day. Overall, it is very well written, the scenes are beautifully described and the story moves along quickly but it did leave me hanging at the end. Can’t wait for the next book. How about a discussion post about the book Mr. Chong?