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Secrets the Finance Industry Don't Want You to Know About
A Consumer's Guide to Collections
The Consumer Guide is an intellectually stimulating read. It's well-crafted in a way that only Ms. T. Lane can deliver. It provides a collector's perspective for consumers with resolutions. Not only does Ms. T. Lane reveal Big Finance's secrets, but she gives the reader real-life scenarios that make you say, Wow! I didn't know that. This book teaches the reader the do's & don'ts when speaking with collectors directly. Plus, it gives a unique perspective of a collector in the industry for more than 15 years. Secrets the Finance Industry Don't Want You to Know About: A Consumer's Guide to Collections is well-paced, well written, and well researched. This is a revealing piece of work.
The Consumer Guide is the golden ticket to get over financial humps immediately. It answers the question, how am I going to pay my car note this month? A question an overwhelming number of consumers have struggled with at least once in their lives.
Secrets the Finance Industry Don't Want You to Know About provides insider knowledge straight from the horse's mouth. This is no doubt a gift to consumers they will not regret investing their time in. It focuses on resolving financial hiccups with a right-now response, unlike many other personal finance books that offer long-term resolutions. The industry has missed this useful reply that answers the question: What do I do when a collector calls? The depth of this treasure is beyond measure, and the knowledge will be useful today and in years to come. This information will change the way collectors and consumers behave altogether.

Health, Mind & Body
March 31
Moore's Publishing
Tanisha Moore
Grades 12-17

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