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This is a story about interracial love, sex, commitment, and sacrifice. It’s a story about two people who were desperately in love. The only problem was that it was a secret love. They weren’t keeping it a secret because of their ethnic differences. No, they kept it a secret because one of them was married, happily married. How is that possible? It’s complicated.
Dr. Martin Jones thought that his life was about as perfect as it possibly could be. He had a great medical practice, a nice home in the suburbs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and all of the worldly possessions that he wanted. His wife was beautiful, intelligent, and attentive to his needs, very attentive. Jennifer was sexy and seductive, borderline voracious. He never wanted for anything, especially not sex.
When she went out on most Thursday nights with her longtime girlfriends from her college days, she would always prepare his dinner for him before she left. Was he spoiled? Well, probably not so bad for an only child, but she made sure that he didn’t suffer just because she was going out with the girls.
There was only one thing in their relationship that bothered him. He felt that Jennifer was staying out too late with her girlfriends. It wasn’t that he was jealous, at least, not at first, but he was worried that she might have car trouble or get into an accident. On most of the evenings, that she was out late, it was difficult or impossible for him to sleep until she returned home.
The main reason that he never suspected that she might be having an affair was because when she did get home, she was usually, if not always, horny and wanted to make love.
However, after several years of this and the fact that she was staying out later and later, he became suspicious, and he began to think that she was doing the unthinkable, having an affair.
Unable to take anymore of her being out so late, he finally confronted her and demanded to know whom she was sleeping with. After all, she was a nurse and worked at the hospital, and everyone knew that that environment was ripe for breeding affairs.
He all but demanded that she stop staying out so late, and it caused their first real argument in nearly six years. Eventually, she decided that she would rather give up her evenings out with her girlfriends, rather than take a chance on losing him, or would she. Just maybe, with the right enticements, she could figure out a way to have it all.

Fiction & Literature
September 25
Christopher Maddox
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