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What started as an adventure, soon became hell. Piper Johnson’s thrilled to spend time in Timor-Leste with her best friend, a Peace Corps volunteer…until civil unrest erupts throughout the countryside, including an attack at the orphanage the women were visiting. With the aid of a SEAL team sent to extract the government employee, Piper flees with the only other known survivors—three young orphan girls. Piper wasn’t able to save her friend, but she’ll be damned if she leaves the girls to the mercy of child traffickers in the country’s impoverished capital. However, taking them with her to the States requires something drastic, something crazy…something she can’t do alone.

What started as a mission, soon becomes fate. Since nearly dying on a previous op, Beckett “Ace” Morgan has no time for regrets. Life is far too short. So when he learns the brave, beautiful, selfless woman he’s rescued has a better chance of getting three orphans out of the country if she’s married, he doesn’t hesitate. Ace marries her then and there, instantly gaining the family he’s always wanted. With time, he knows his respect for Piper can grow into love, and meanwhile, he’s saved both her and their new daughters from a fast-spreading rebel incursion.

Protecting his girls on foreign soil turns out to be the easy part of the team’s mission. Protecting them from a threat waiting at home may be the biggest fight of Ace’s life. 

** Securing Piper is the 3rd book in the SEAL of Protection: Legacy Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.

August 20
Stoker Aces Production
Stoker Aces Production LLC

Customer Reviews

Doingthisforcoinsssssdzzzzz ,

More Than She Bargained For

When introverted Piper goes to visit her best friend Kaylee while she’s working for the Peace Corps, she get s way more than a tropical vacation. She ends up separated from her friend smack dab in the middle of a coup, hiding with three young orphaned girls, meeting some pretty hunky navy SEALs, and trying to adopt the girls. When she finds out that getting the girls would be easier if she were married, she gets a marriage proposal from Ace. Talk about a whirlwind! This book was hard to put down.

Jbean168 ,

I want my own Ace!!

This story was intense and exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat from the first sentence. I want Piper as my best friend and I want a man like Ace in my life. Their story is heartbreaking, inspirational and full of so much love my emotion were all over the place. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ!!

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