Seduced: 10 Erotica Short Stories

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This exotic collection of erotica short stories has what you seek. Settle in with tales of brides, swingers, erotic massages, lesbians, robots, cougars, ménages, public play, and more.

Enjoy every page of Seduced tonight.

Word count: 41,100.

Included in this bundle:

Enjoying the Bride: A Lesbian Story
With the wedding fast approaching to a man Toni’s only mildly attracted to, Fiona could be her last chance at a no-strings-attached fling, if she dares to cross that line.

His Little Secret: A Swingers Story
It starts out with the entree, but the four of them turn out to be dessert. When Julie first met Tracy, she never imagined she’d get to know her and her husband in such an intimate manner.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: An Erotic Massage Story
Dawn’s never given a happy ending before, but there’s a first time for everything.

Moving In: A Lesbian Story
Courtney wants a roommate. What she gets is far more than that.

Becoming Emma: A Robot Erotica Story
Alan programmed the unit to have lifelike qualities, but this is far beyond what he intended. Now the robot he helped create wears tight-fitting outfits, revealing robes, and tries in every way to catch his eye. He considers himself a man of integrity, but there’s only so much he can take.

On the Prowl: A Cougar Story
Patty could attract a younger man if she wants to. Just last semester, a college student named Kenny gave her his number, but he was too shy to follow it up with asking her out. If there’s anything Patty’s learned that summer, it’s that she can’t always wait on someone else to make the first move. She calls Kenny and invites him over. It’s time for Patty to take what she wants.

Whiskey and Water: A Ménage Story
Amber’s bartending shift starts off with a playful dare and ends with Carla’s boyfriend, Jack, coming in to check on her. Considering what he walks into, it’s understandable that he’d want to join.

Back to the Club: A Swingers Story
Bianca wants to experience another couple. Four is always better than two.

In All the Right Places: An Erotic Massage Story
Melanie isn’t where she wants to be in life. She’s a massage therapist in a boring small town. Cassie, Melanie’s roommate from college, swoops in, taking a break from her glamorous life working throughout Europe, with only enough time to have lunch and dare Melanie to flirt her way to another date.

Out of Sight: A Public Play Story
Malina’s husband, Walker, cares about two things, football and boats. So when Malina models several skimpy outfits for him, she isn’t surprised when he barely pays attention. The game is on in the background, after all. She decides she needs something drastic to light his fire again, so with a little advice from a friend, she initiates her plan to seduce him…in public.

(These explicit stories are intended for adult readers only.)

Fiction & Literature
April 14
Ava Sterling
Draft2Digital, LLC

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