Seducing Sin

Julie Kenner and Others
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These bad boys are going to raise a little hell …

Jack. Nick. Marcus.

Sexy, seductive, and so good looking it’s practically a sin. 

They’re the baddest of the bad. The illegitimate sons of Satan, who have managed to make love, raise hell, and milk life in a manner worthy of their heritage. 

Until the day the devil himself needs to name his heir, and crafts a series of tests to see which one is worthy to be the next ruler of Sin City.

The mission? Each son must complete a task that is designed to stretch his mental, physical, and emotional powers to the limit. The prize? The Keys To Hell. The problem? 

Three strong, enticing women who are just as determined to ensure that the men fail.

And at the end of the day, Jack, Nick, and Marcus may learn that it’s not the key to their father’s kingdom they want … but the key to a woman’s heart.

October 5
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Customer Reviews

mj_toth ,

So, Satan wants to retire?

What a fabulously fun and entertaining collection of romances. So, what happens when the Devil, Lucifer, decides to retire? He needs to pass on his kingdom to one of his sons. To determine who is worthy to inherit, he presents a test to each son. What could possible go wrong?

Jack by Kathleen O’Reilly: Jack is the oldest of Lucifer’s sons. He is the mastermind behind many of the businesses that bring in money but more importantly souls to their domain. Lucifer tasks him with recovering the Book of Souls which Jack sees as a simple task until he meets Gabriella D’Angelis, the keeper of the book. Gabriella works at the family bookstore but she dreams of a life with more excitement so when Jack enters the shop, she is entranced with this suave and sophisticated man. She defies her grandmother for a chance at excitement and Jack sure knows how to deliver. Will she sell him the Book of Souls? If Jack gets the book, will he hand it over to his father? I enjoyed this sultry, sexy journey for Jack and Gabriella.

Nick by Julie Kenner: Nick is the middle son for Lucifer. He uses his skills to capture souls in the paintings he creates. Lucifer tasks him with capturing Delilah’s entire soul in a portrait. Nick wants to fulfill this mission to prove himself to his father. Delilah broke away from her strict family in Alabama and moved to New York to pursue modeling but after another rejection letter has to face the reality that her dream may never happen. Just as she wants to give up, Nick shows up and wants her to model for him to do a painting. Nick has dreamed of the perfect muse and when he sees Delilah, she is the woman he has imagined. As he works to complete his task, he is drawn to Delilah and finds he cares for her. There is a natural connection with Nick and Delilah that is fun to experience. Delilah gets Nick to look outside the box of his artwork and shows him other things that he enjoys. Delilah struggles with herself as Nick slowly steals her soul. As Nick sees the change, will he stick to the plan and win Lucifer’s trust?

Marcus by Dee Davis: Marcus, he is a pirate at heart and I loved that free spirit about him. He truly longs for those days on the high seas and the freedom he felt. As the younger son of Lucifer, he is excited by the challenge set forth and the power to ‘one-up’ his brothers. As he pursues the Devil’s Delight, a fabled ruby with powers, he needs some help from Cedrik Abbot. What he doesn’t expect is that Cedrik’s daughter, Celeste, will become his treasure hunting partner. Celeste has crossed paths with Marcus before in their quests to secure the rarest treasure items. She tells herself she won’t be pulled into his vortex, she can withstand that charming smile and rakish attitude but she fails. As they work to uncover the location of the Devil’s Delight, will they find something more valuable? Loved the twists in this story. I didn’t expect the ending, who really is the devil?

ShellyReyn ,

Loved the Devil Outt This One!

"Don't tell me how I feel. It's my heart, and I'll do with it whatever I want."
"You're throwing it away."

I enjoyed this book. Co-written by Julie Kenner, Dee Davis and Kathleen O'Reilly, the book tells the tale of the devil himself and his 3 sons.

The devil is ready to hand the throne of Hell over to one of his sons - Jack, Nick or Marcus. To test their readiness, he gives them each a different task to complete. Succeed adn the throne is theirs.

In Jack's story, penned by Kathleen O'Reilly, he only has to bring his father a rare, yet important book. But when Gabriella, the beautiful curator of the old bookstore provides Jack with something more enticing, can his focuse remain on succeeding in his father's task? Will he take his place as ruler of Hell, or will his heart have other plans?

In Nick's story, written by Julie Kenner, we find that he has an amazing talent as an artist. Capturing just a part of the soul of his subject with every stroke of his brush. Tasked with capturing one woman's complete soul within a painting for his father, he finally finds the perfect model in Delilah. But what happes as she changes as little by little he draws pieces of her sould to the canvas? Will the flaws that surface in her be worth the perfection of the masterpiece? Can Nick allow her to lose it all, or will he be the one to lose?

In Marcus's story, written by Dee Davis, he is commanded to bring his father a rare and priceless gem that's been hidden away. But he's not the only one seeking it. Forming an unlikely alliance with a former flame, Celeste, the two try to work together to find it. But, an unexpected twist puts them both in danger for their lives. Will his secrets turn her against him? Can he make the right choice and still hold on to what he desires most?

I loved this story line. Each story full of action, tension, steamy scenes and hotness!!
Can't wait for book 2!!

ArysBaenion ,

Seducing Sin by Julie Kenner, Dee Davis and Kathleen O'Reilly made for a great anthology...

Seducing Sin is three short works featuring Julie Kenner, Dee Davis and Kathleen O'Reilly. The devil wants to retire and he gives each of his immortal sons a challenge to complete in order to inherit his kingdom.

Jack (story by Kathleen O'Reilly) is his oldest son and gets first shot asked to retrieve an ancient book his humanity is brought out by Gabriella. At first his wealth and seduction works on her, but she wants more and I liked that she showed that strength to stand up to his power. Her strong character makes Jack find his soul. I liked the richness of Jack and Gabriella's characters.

Nick (written by Julie Kenner) is the middle son, a painter whose talent takes part of the souls of his subjects and makes his art masterpieces. His challenge is to take the soul of the pure, preacher's daughter, Delilah Burnett. Her desire to rebel against her father and become a model is his in but the more of her soul he paints away, the more he realizes his love for who she was to begin with. I like how Nick came to his decision about Lila and was willing to give it all up for her, but that the decision to tempt fate for their future came from her.

Marcus (by Dee Davis) is the third son and a master thief and former pirate. His task is to procure a lost ruby, the Devils Delight, but Celeste Abbot, also a thief wants it for her father. They agree to work together, pairing her father's knowledge with their skills in order to track down the cursed gem. The passion that they both share made them a couple for which connection, regardless of their attempts to keep things merely physical, was inevitable. They were a fun pair.

Overall, Seducing Sin by Julie Kenner, Dee Davis and Kathleen O'Reilly made for a great anthology and I very much recommend.

(I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book I received for free from in exchange for my open and honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.)

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