Seducing the Cowboy Seducing the Cowboy
Book 9 - Circle B Ranch

Seducing the Cowboy

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After leaving his hometown seven years ago, Payton hasn’t returned. One heartbreak was enough to turn him off relationships forever. As soon as he arrived at the Circle B Ranch, they treated him like family—something he’s never had—and he met the one woman he shouldn’t want.

He’s put her in the friend zone, but after agreeing to her proposition, he can’t hold back anymore.

Kaitlyn Bishop is the only woman on the ranch without a husband and kids. A family is all she’s ever wanted, but it’s never been in her cards. Since she’s turned thirty, she’s decided to go to the sperm bank, but then her best friend offers to knock her up.

She knows being friends with benefits is a bad idea, but she’s willing to take the risk.

Their agreement is purely transactional, but they’ll soon find themselves in too deep—something they’re too stubborn to admit. However, they only have nine months to figure it out.

**Seducing the Cowboy is a complete stand-alone and can be read without reading any of the other books or spin-off series, but if you prefer to read in order, start with Hitching the Cowboy as the characters and families do interconnect.**

August 23
Kennedy Fox
Kennedy Fox Books, LLC

Customer Reviews


Love Kaitlyn

I absolutely love Kaitlyn! Her blunt, no holding back, honest talk with everyone but especially her family is the best! If only she could have applied that personality trait when it came to her feelings about her best friend. Payton has been burned by his heartless ex so he’s gun shy about mixing business and pleasure so best friends it will be. However no one ever measures up to her. Their push and pull and stupid rules frustrated me to no end but thank goodness it all worked out in the end! The epilogue was bittersweet in that it gave us a glimpse of the second generation of Bishops in the future but told us the third generation and Zach’s story wouldn’t be here for almost a year.

Romance213 ,

I love this series!!

Can a promise between best friends lead to something more? As soon as Payton got wind of Kaitlyn’s crazy plan to use a sperm bank to find a baby daddy, he knew he was the man for the job. He quickly put an end to her madness and agreed to give her a baby the old fashioned way. Who knew that becoming a dad would be so much fun? Payton found himself immersed in all things baby related which gave him a sense of comfort that he was definitely doing the right thing. Kaitlyn meant the world to him and her happiness was all that mattered. But would Kaitlyn want more out of their relationship once a baby was on the way? Payton and Kaitlyn’s journey to parenthood was emotional, touching and full of surprises. Her twin brothers, Kane and Knox, were always close at hand with their own brand of comic relief. Her Bishop cousins were certain that Kaitlyn had a special place in her heart for Payton and they all hoped that once again, true love would prevail on the Bishop Ranch where dreams come true and love is always in the air.

Jen Bemis ,

An perfect ending to a wonderful series

I knew going into this book that is was going to be both amazing and sad at the same time since it is the last Circle B Ranch book. The Bishop family is one of my favorite book families of all time.

From the first moment Kaitlyn and Payton started popping up regularly in the series and the constant teasing they both received from everyone about secretly being in love with each other I was counting down the days to their book. Finally getting it I tried so hard to read it slow and savor it but Kennedy Fox had me flipping the pages so fast and before I knew it I was finished with the book.

Kaitlyn and Payton could not have been any cuter than they are. Both of them deserve happiness like all the other Bishops. Kaitlyn has so much love to give and having a child is the best way for her to do that. Payton landing his job at the ranch was the best thing to happen to him because it brought him Kaitlyn. These two are on fire together long before they are even "together". The extreme care that Payton shows Kaitlyn is definitely next level. She is his is almost like she is his sun and everything revolves around her in his eyes.

I have to say the way that KF wrapped up this series and set up the spin-off that is coming was so beautifully done. These two ladies know how to make their readers feel anticipation for what is coming and sadness all at the same time...but more of a happy type sad. I cannot wait for the spin-off series to release!

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