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A prince raised in honor and tradition, a woman raised with nothing at all. She wants to steal their most sacred treasure. He’ll do anything to protect it, even if it means marrying a thief.

Prince Jin is a man raised in honor and tradition, so it comes as a great surprise when he is compelled to claim a stranger as his bride who has neither. Francesca La Rosa is hardly a match fit for a prince. Though beautiful, she is a thief with one thing on her mind—stealing the sacred Jade Phoenix of his people. But the mystery doesn’t end there. With the aid of his ancestral spirits, he must discover who this woman is, why she would destroy the Zhang Empire and, most of all, if she could ever return the love that is growing in his heart.

A Qurilixen World Novel

These books follow Princess Mei’s siblings. Mei is from Lords of the Var 5: The Pirate Prince. A continuation of the Dragon Lords and Lords of the Var Series.

Originally published March 2006

March 1
The Raven Books LLC
The Raven Books LLC

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R. Manor ,

Seduction of the Phoenix

Michelle Pillow - Seduction of the Phoenix: A Qurilixen World Novel (Anniversary Edition) (Dynasty Lords Book 1)

Although related to the Dragon Lords and Lords of the Var books this new series (although there are some appearances of characters from those series),branches off in a whole new direction.
The books feature the world of the Zhang Dynasty on the planet of Lintian. Steeped in tradition much of which has been brought with them from when they were on earth. Not only is there a family with several unmarried Princes and one Princess still unrated (the other has mated one of the Qurilixen Pirates), there are many ancestral ghosts who are there to protect their home, traditions and give opinions whether requested or not.
This perfect full length novel had me mesmerized with a wonderfully detailed new world, a new culture to learn ,lovely quotes about seduction and desire, and well flushed out characters.
This first book of the spinoff series is Prince Jin and Francesca’s story. Jin’s great grandfather’s ghost tricks him into claiming Francesca as his bride. Just as shocked as the Prince is the woman who has just been arrested for trying to steal the Phoenix statue, which is the heart of the Family’s strength.
Jin is a Prince who observes tradition and is in general an obedient son. Despite being tricked into this claiming he is determined to go through with it, and in truth there is something about this willful independent skilled “ninja” woman that has captured his attention, and perhaps a bit of his heart (and his body seems to be in agreement as well).
Francesca history is a long one and it hasn’t been an easy road for her. On a mission to exact revenge on this family she is more than shocked to find herself about to be tried as a thief or married to a Prince. On top of all this she becomes drawn to Jin both physically and with her heart but she also has an oath to fulfill.
I really loved this story it kept me swept up in its many facets that goes well beyond just a space sci-fi romance. A great start to the new spinoff which can be read as a stand alone as well -although why miss out on the other awesome books in the other series and spinoffs!

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