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The McKenna Legacy:
See Me in Your Dreams
RT Book Reviews Top Pick: "Thrills abound!"
Keelin McKenna dreams through other’s eyes. She knows that somewhere, a teenage girl needs help. Desperate to find his daughter, Tyler Leighton thinks Keelin is trying to run a scam until she dreams something known only to him and his child. They work together to find the girl...and in doing so, find each other.
Keelin took a deep breath. "I have rather unusual dreams. Not dreams, really. More like visions that come to me while I sleep." Her tongue darted to wet her lips as if she were having trouble getting the words out. "I see through other people's eyes...know their thoughts...like I'm inside their heads."
Great. A kook. Any hope he might have had dashed, Tyler indicated the door. "You're wasting my time."
She didn't budge. "I've seen through your daughter's eyes twice, Mr. Leighton. First when she ran away and–"
"Cheryl didn't have any reason to run away!"
She continued, "And the second time when someone found her."
The skin at the back of Tyler's neck crawled. What was wrong with him. He didn't believe in E.S.P. or whatever this was supposed to be. He didn't believe her and a story that was too preposterous for words.
"Look, you've got the wrong man. Give up on it."
"You live in a huge home on the lake and opposite a ravine," she went on calmly, as if he hadn't spoken.
"Which you undoubtedly saw in a news clip."
"Your daughter's bedroom overlooks the water." Her expression turned inward as if she were remembering. When she said, "One of the steps in the front staircase creaks," Tyler felt a chill shoot down his spine.
Still, he said, "That step has needed fixing for years. Anyone familiar with the house could have told you that."
"A pedestal in the foyer supports an unusual sculpture that reminds Cheryl of an angel about to take flight."
Tyler's pulse surged. The sculpture was new. Not many people had seen it yet. And Cheryl had told him it reminded her of an angel...
"I almost forgot. You keep emergency money in your study. Tens and twenties. She took them all."
That did it. Tyler plunged to his feet again. "How the hell could you have known what I didn't tell anyone but the police?" he demanded, wondering if his daughter taking the emergency cash fund had somehow become common knowledge, more fodder for people bored with their own lives.
Her steady gray gaze turned up to him. "I saw."
"You saw Cheryl take the money."
"Not in the same way as if I were watching a movie, no. I saw the bills...her hands...the leather wallet. It's like I was inside her." She squeezed her eyes shut for a second. "Like I was her for a few minutes."
Tyler dropped back to the couch and stared as her lids drifted back open. He didn't know what to make of Keelin McKenna. She couldn't be telling the truth. Her story played out like best-selling fiction. Fact: his fourteen-year old daughter was missing. He was dealing with reality here.
What to do?

December 9
Patricia Rosemoor
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Lilannie79 ,

See Me In Your Dreams

I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review.

I loved reading this book, it kept me enthralled from the beginning to the end. The action and emotions throughout the book brought it to life and kept me wanting more.

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