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Teenage artist Amy Love feels someone in the room with her, even if she can’t see them—the goosebumps and hair prickles on her neck don’t lie. The most popular boy in school finally asks her out and now a ghost is following her on the date? So unfair.

Finally unable to take it anymore, Amy confronts her invisible stalker only to have him jump into her body to communicate with her. He’s Jonathan Miller, the teenage son of a famous cartoonist, who was in a recent car crash. Jonathan has somehow lost touch with the corporeal world and needs Amy’s help.

In order to get her privacy back, Amy teams up with Jonathan to find out what went wrong for him. She’s the only one he can count on and, as they search for answers, he turns out to be the one person she can trust. Before too long, their friendship deepens and so do other feelings. But how can she be falling for a boy she’s never really seen and maybe never will?

Young Adult
November 21
Hatco Publishing
Susan Hatler

Customer Reviews

gmapavjla ,

See Me

This book was fascinating. The characters came to life for me - excuse the pun! I could not put it down until I had completed the read. Thanks for your interesting spin on no one seeing you. This book could certainly help in today’s society of lost kids, to encourage that things are never as they appear, so look deeper, try to understand and be optimistic.
Jo A - Festus, MO.

Mackenzie Kadwell ,

See Me

I laughed, cried, it was an amazing read.

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