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Nature’s grandest spectacle is a total eclipse of the Sun and for the first time in several decades, a total solar eclipse is coming to the United States in 2017. “See the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017” is a richly illustrated and clearly written book that gives prospective eclipse viewers all the information needed to safely view the eclipse. The book is written in non-technical language that anyone can understand. Inside are sumptuous graphics that explain the essentials plus over 20 pages of detailed maps of the best places to go.

The book includes a description and photos of the magnificent spectacle of a total solar eclipse, a summary of how eclipses occur, a short history of eclipses seen in America, scientific results from eclipses, strategies to successfully view the eclipse, and 18 pages of gorgeous and detailed maps for finding a perfect spot to view the eclipse.  This book is an essential planning resource as well as a memento for this celestial event.

The book topics are:

✔︎ The Splendor of Totality

✔︎ How to safely view the eclipse

✔︎ Sun, Moon, Earth

✔︎ Types of solar eclipses

✔︎ Timeline of the eclipse

✔︎ Strategy for success on eclipse day

✔︎ Great places to view the eclipse

✔︎ Science from solar eclipses

✔︎ Historical solar eclipses across America

✔︎ How dim is sunshine on outer planets?

✔︎ Solar eclipse facts

✔︎ Totality across America

✔︎ Path of totality ❁ Oregon 

✔︎ Path of totality ❁ Oregon & Idaho  

✔︎ Path of totality ❁ Idaho & Wyoming 

✔︎ Path of totality ❁ Wyoming & Nebraska 

✔︎ Path of totality ❁ Nebraska, Kansas & Missouri

✔︎ Path of totality ❁ Missouri & Illinois 

✔︎ Path of totality ❁ Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, & North Carolina 

✔︎ North American Eclipses Past and Future

Science & Nature
May 1
Great American Eclipse, LLC
Great American Eclipse, LLC

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