Seeding Her Womb 1 (Alien Tentacle Erotica‪)‬

Seeding Her Womb

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Publisher Description

Desperate to conceive, Ava feels all alone. Even her husband Max avoids her desolate womb. But one lonely night her fortunes change...

Ava awakens anxiously to a bright light in her room, she becomes paralyzed as she is taken aboard a spaceship. Unsure of what is in store for her but equally excited, Ava finds a strong, tentacled beast who takes her under his wing. A relentless onslaught of fulfilling tentacles and probings ensue. No hole is spared from their pulsating undulations. Ava then learns her purpose, her desire. Will her motherly instinct take hold?

Warning! This imaginative story contains adult content far too arousing to mention in the blurb, including, but not limited to: impregnation, instant pregnancy, tentacle probings, and double penetration. Mature audiences only.

Fiction & Literature
November 23
Supernova Erotica
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Luvs The Smurfs ,

Seeding her womb part 1

Very enjoyable

Fanwarrior16 ,

Not Good

I tried this novel, but I didn’t like it. The plot needed to be refined more, and the characters weren’t well developed either. I’m not going to try the others because they’re probably bad too.



The story plot in itself is interesting and had potential...That is were it end. Let us start at the cost of the "BOOKS" which are really just 3 chapters. You pay less for full fledged books (10+ chapters) of substance from well know authors. 2nd is that the writing structure is horrible. The sentence and paragraph structure leave a reader scratching their head trying to understand it in places. 3rd is the lack of story idea cohesion in the books. It looks like the writer took a bunch of great ideas (individually) throw them at a wall and what ever stuck was what they were going to write about. At times I found myself having to assume and interpret what the writer was trying so hard to get across because of this. It seems that they would have been bettered served if they had picked 2 or 3 to focus on. 4th are the poorly fleshed out characters. At least provide a little more backstory for them. More on Max and Ava, why is she different. What happened in the metamorphosis with Max and how did it change him. What about the history of the aliens, more on why they left Earth, what was it that they were mining, why didn't they return sooner. Who were the aliens (different aliens) behind the "Reality Program" and what do they have to do with things? All of that would have given the "BOOKS" a more cohesive story line as well as more substance. As it is the way the writer bounces around from one rambling thought to another gets the reader lost in the action of the book. SPOILER: example after she has turned traitor to the Human race she is locked up 300 level below ground. How is it that on Earth as the alien ships leave orbit( in the vacuum of space) that we heard it?Then suddenly she is with Max having babies which she wasn't able to before so what changed. She seems to have no memory of everything that happened before and neither does anyone else even thought the whole world was witness to the alien event and her part in it. She was labeled a terrorist so how did she get out of her cell? Did the aliens wipe her mind and everyone else's and if so how when they had already left? Or was this all a random dream of an expectant mother. All of this would have been great filler for the story. There are so many holes in this story that you may as well use it to drain your spaghetti. As far as erotica goes, if it gets you flowing then I guess it has done it job especially if you don't require any mental stimulation

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