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“The characters are so real and the message, I guess you would call it the moral of the story really shines through about being yourself and always seeing the good side of the situation. This is one lesbian romance story that I really enjoyed and I can't wait until you come out with your next 8 part bundle that you told me about when I signed up for your newsletter in the book. This House of Romance short story was just wonderful.” Elizabeth, Lansing, MI“When I saw the cover, I thought that this might just be a silly book with maybe a little bit of lesbian romance in it, but Olivia Hampshire really came through with some hot love scenes and some strange twist in this book. I really liked the main character, Penelope and her occupation and the situation she was in at her workplace. The end of the story really got me too. I like the House of Romance series. Each story is in the same location, but a totally different stew I guess in each book I read. Thank you Olivia Hampshire.” Linda, Orlando, FL“The character Douglas really got me. And the courage of Penelope got me too. It reminded me of my life style and my life situation. And, the relationship she was in with Velma or Vilma whatever the chick's name was, I have been there too. I was not expecting a good lesbian romance story, but it ended up being even more than good. It was a great story.” Sarah, Frankfort, KY“Olivia, I am so glad I am on your mailing list. That is how I found out this book was available. I just love Grace and Claudia and their, “establishment of love.” Your see the movies and read the stories of so many this kinds of places that are just a pit of despair for everyone involved, and they are always owned my men. And, in this episode, the main character was totally different than a character in any other lesbian romance story I have ever run into. Too bad you can't use the real name of the House of Romance on the cover of your books. Whatever! Thank you Olivia Hampshire.” Mary, Albany, NY

May 16
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