Seek. Adapt. Endure‪.‬

Following the Way of The World's Most Authentic Man

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Today I will do the following: Go forth—I am a disciple. Be useful—I am a servant. Live with purpose—I am a warrior. Discover new lands—I am an explorer. Create joyfully—I am a craftsman. Challenge intentionally—I am a scholar. Be an inspiration—I am a leader.

Man was created on purpose and for a purpose. Therefore, all men are at some level searching for purpose and meaning, and yet so many are struggling to find them. If we look deep in our hearts, we all hunger for growth and mastery of ourselves, our strength, and our skill. Unfortunately, many times, our searching leads us to popular movies, media, and society as reliable sources for why and how we should live as men. Could it be that many of the models we look to are creating simple, selfish, empty, small men who don’t really know who they are and are at a terrible risk of missing the robustness of life?

The truth is we cannot know who we are until we understand whose we are. We cannot understand our purpose unless we understand our Creator’s purpose. We cannot understand true authentic manhood unless we understand that we carry the image of the only truly authentic man to ever live, Jesus Christ.

Man is a special creation that has been blessed with an amazing ability to grow and adapt. Seek. Adapt. Endure. will inspire men to get out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically. The seven archetypes discussed in these pages will help men discover themselves at a deeper level in Jesus, find fulfillment in life, realize their full potential, and discover ways to go forth into the world in order to pay that forward to their families, communities, and workplaces.


Health, Mind & Body
July 25
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
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