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Part political disquisition, part travel journal, part self-exploration, Seek is a collection of essays and articles in which Denis Johnson essentially takes on the world.And not an obliging, easygoing world either; but rather one in which horror and beauty exist in such proximity that they might well be interchangeable. Where violence and poverty and moral transgression go unchecked, even unnoticed. A world of such wild, rocketing energy that, grasping it, anything at all is possible.

Whether traveling through war-ravaged Liberia, mingling with the crowds at a Christian Biker rally, exploring his own authority issues through the lens of this nation's militia groups, or attempting to unearth his inner resources while mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska, Johnson writes with a mixture of humility and humorous candor that is everywhere present.

With the breathtaking and often haunting lyricism for which his work is renowned, Johnson considers in these pieces our need for transcendence. And, as readers of his previous work know, Johnson's path to consecration frequently requires a limning of the darkest abyss. If the path to knowledge lies in experience, Seek is a fascinating record of Johnson's profoundly moving pilgrimage.

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March 3
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Hucares ,

Travel writing at it's finest

Denis Johnson writes with a unique voice. His novels, as one reviewer so elegantly wrote, are "like reading Graham Greene on LSD". His characters are so extreme, his word crafting impeccable.

Seek brings Johnson's images of the extreme, to real life extreme places such as Liberia (with a mind blowing encounter with Charles Taylor) and a visit with Christian bikers.

I have given this Jewell of a book so several friends and they all agree that Johnson is a writer of the first tier and that "Seek" is one of the finest travel dialogues they've ever read.

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