Sekret Agent

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Family. Safety. Utopia. Nope. 

For Ted, the first three words meant the world to him as he wandered aimlessly throughout the southwest for years. However, just months after achieving all three, his new world begins to unravel. Attacks by a crazed horde of disheveled people called Fleabags have endangered his new land and more raids will come. Water supplies have become poisoned. Mysterious mercy deaths are frightening the locals. Rumors of a new government have risen and the naïve citizens want to leave. To top it off, his wife has had a new lover and continues to avoid Ted, believing our hero was still unfaithful during their five-year gap.

After the latest assault by the Fleabags, the unpopular choice is made to go back to the desert to try again. Ted is forced to help by flying back out and surveying the Mojave desert once more. Ted agrees to go on one condition; they fly where he wants to fly. And he has one place in mind.

Coppertown. Sara. It's back to the desert where his heart remains. Hoping to be with his one true love won't be without consequences, however. New government workers are preparing census reporting nearby, led by a mysterious, affable man with an accent named Nick. However, it doesn't take long to discover they are not who they appear to be.

With the help from his old friend Matias, Ted and Sara must elude the clutches of pure evil as they race against time. Just off the coast, a foreign enemy plans a land attack, one that is certain to decimate the entire country if it occurs. This time, Ted will be armed with a weapon far deadlier than before, one that could destroy the madman's plans and stop the invasion.

A weapon Ted is not afraid to use.

Read the exciting ending for The Doomsday Drifter trilogy here. It's a fast-paced thriller that will keep you on edge and wanting more! 

Fiction & Literature
July 17
Mark DaSilva
Draft2Digital, LLC

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