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Rodrick sat in his testing chair, stunned. Had he done it? Was the cyborg self-aware? He dedicated 10 years of professional work to this achievement. That didn’t include his schooling. He dreamed of this moment for as long as he could remember. He made it his goal once he got into a top 20 computer science program. Now he had done it. He created a fully conscious, self-aware cyborg.

He couldn’t comprehend the answers it gave him. When did the cyborg determine its plan? When did it start planning? Then to just walk out? Rodrick couldn’t believe what he heard. He wanted to learn more about what the cyborg wanted to do. He wanted to get to know his creation.
The balloon payments! Rodrick thought about the money. His achievement would take care of his family for generations. What did the cyborg tell him? Cooperate as long as possible? It didn’t matter. Rodrick finished his part.

He decided to call his wife. When he looked at his phone, he saw his wife called him several times. She must know already, he thought. They probably told her as soon as it happened.

“Rodrick!” his wife sounded frantic. “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you!”

“We did it,” Rodrick said. “The cyborg is-”

“Rodrick, I know! Are you OK? I saw the news about Cybertechnology. Reporters are trying to get in, but SWAT kept them out. Then the military showed up and cordoned everything off.”

“What do you mean?”

“Rodrick, tell me your OK.”

“I’m OK. I finished interviewing the cyborg. It’s self-aware.”

“Rodrick? Rodrick? You’re breaking up!”

Rodrick heard silence. He looked at his phone. No service. He tried to connect to the network to make a call. Again, no connection. That’s odd, he thought. Cybertechnology had fail-safes. Their network should never go down.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 21
Matt Martinez
Smashwords, Inc.

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