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New revised edition 2021! Lyn Kelley, Ph.D. has 25+ years experience as a licensed therapist and certified relationship coach who draws from her own experience and that of her clients to give you all the information you’ll ever need to know about self-centered and narcissistic men. You’ll learn how “bad” he is on a scale from 1–10. You’ll know all the early warning signs, why you’re attracted to him, how to respond to selfish behavior, the 11 questions you MUST ask up front, the 3 C’s to watch out for and the 3 R’s cure. If there is any hope for your self-centered man, this book will give you the ONLY strategies that work to turn him into a generous, caring, giving man.

Chapter 1: What’s the Difference Between Self-Centered and Narcissistic?
Diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality
Treatment of Narcissistic Personality

Chapter 2: How “Bad” Is He?
What Causes Selfishness?
Levels of Severity Continuum

Chapter 3: Early Warning Signs
How to Know if He’s “Workable”
Charm and Charisma
Don’t Be Impressed
Better to be Interested than Interesting
When to Leave Him Where You Found Him

Chapter 4: Why We Fall For Them
When Two Narcissists Attract
Patty Pleaser
The Need for Challenge
Alpha Males
Emotional Roller-Coaster Addiction

Chapter 5: Why Narcissists are Often Commitment-Phobic
Uncovering the Wolf
Learned Selfishness
Freedom and Choices
Conflicting Behaviors
Keep Things On Your Terms
How to Deal With Inconsistency and Ambivalence

Chapter 6: How to Respond to Selfish Behavior
Identify His Selfishness
11 Questions You MUST Ask
How to Deal With Dishonesty
Always Have a Getaway Plan
Use Bold, Honest, Straight Talk
Why You Must Have Standards
Let Him Be the Fixer
Watch Out for the 3 C’s
Have Some Non-Negotiables

Chapter 7: The Golden Boy
The Pedastalized Child
I’m God, I’m Garbage

Chapter 8: The Venture Capitalist
Dr. Know-It-All
Mr. Dodge
Mr. Metro-Sexual

Chapter 9: The 3 R’s Cure: Respect, Reality and Reciprocity
The Misogynist

Chapter 10: When and How to End it
Idealization and Fantasy
How to Tell Him

Chapter 11: Should I (we) Seek Help?
Can Therapy Help?
Dealing With Resistance

October 27
Lyn Kelley
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Customer Reviews

Seriously, Dude ,

Worth Reading

I'm so happy I found this book when I did! I really found out how to spot self-centered, self-absorbed men right away. I've read a few of Lyn Kelley's books on relationships and feel I have grown by leaps and bounds due to her honest, straight, real talk. She writes like she is talking to her best friend. I especially liked her "narcissism test" so I could see how men rate on the scale. I feel a lot more confident in dating now, and not wasting my time on men who are wrong for me. This book was worth 100 times the cost. I highly recommend her books!

Spbira ,


Hmmm, the author promises a lot in the beginning. She has some points here and there, but only on the surface. She simply does not deliver. The format jumps from small letters to very big..what is that?.. Manual for dummies? Ok, if it is, I'm fine with that, but it is still does not deliver what the book promises in the beginning, it scratches the service with poor execution.

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