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How to Lose Weight and Become Healthy with the Power of Self-Discipline

How often have you tried to lose weight or start eating healthier simply to get frustrated and revert back to your old, bad habits? Is this your first time to try, and friends and family are telling you how difficult it is? What if I told you there are things that can make it easier than you think?

Everyday temptations drain your determination and cause frustrating slip-ups when you're on a diet. You become extremely aware of everything you can't eat, and it seems like everyone else is eating those things right there.

Meanwhile, you look in the mirror or at the number on the scale, and don't see the results promised by the infomercials. Eventually, the temptations chip away at your willpower and "maybe just this once" turns into "whatever, I've already failed." It isn't long before the little weight you lost has made a re-appearance, and possibly brought some friends.

This scenario is too common. Self-Disciplined Dieter has the secrets to change it and break the cycle of dieting, getting frustrated, gaining weight back, and dieting again.

You'll see permanent results while eating what's good for you and feeling more satisfied without totally giving up the foods you love.

Inside, you'll learn:

- how to overcome (or completely remove!) the most common obstacles that can make or break your diet (like being hungry while you're on a diet),

- what daily habits contribute to setbacks and how to replace them with better alternatives to design a healthy lifestyle (just one bad habit can add more than 500 calories a day to your diet),

- how to deal with cravings and temptations (including a morbid, but extremely effective mind trick),

- how to like healthy foods as much as, if not more than, unhealthy foods (it's all about making small changes),

- how to increase satiety to stick to your diet (the right foods can be up to seven times more satiating),

- and how eating healthy can be actually cheaper than eating off a fast food dollar menu (it can be a money saving technique, too).

Inside you won't find the gimmicky "well, duh" tricks so many dieting fads say are the secret to weight-loss. In fact, they aren't tricks at all. The tips inside are scientifically proven (and supported) strategies and tools to lessen the burden on willpower and help you finally reach your weight loss goals.

You want to change your life for the better. Together, we can help you shed off those extra pounds – and keep them off – while shifting your view away from short-term frustrations to long-term results and lifelong health.

Health, Mind & Body
December 9
Meadows Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Morpheus32393 ,

Dieting: It’s More Than What You Put in Your Mouth!

As I make the journey to greater levels of health and fitness, it becomes increasingly clear how absolutely vital Discipline is. Sure, there are tons of books on the market about how to fuel your body properly, but very if few if any about the mindset one needs to be successful at whatever nutritional goals I want to set for myself. Enter Martin Meadows! After reading about the Self-Disciplined Dieter, I understood how to figure out what would keep me motivated to diet and set goals and habits according to research and the author’s own personal struggles and accomplishments. With this book, I came to seriously understand that dieting is not a temporary fix, but a way life and that dieting is far more than merely what you put in your mouth.

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