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Are you struggling with low self esteem and  feel that the traditional self help advice is not working for you?

Then download this book today to learn an evidence-based approach to how to have a healthy self esteem.

In this book Martin Kaye explains the science and research behind self esteem, and why much of the advice out there on this topic is either incorrect, or even counter-productive.

For example, did you know that saying positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror may have negative effects on your self esteem?

In this book you will learn why this is, along with the following:
The history of the self esteem movementWhat the modern research has to say about the early studiesWhat a healthy self esteem is and how it is different from high self esteemThe most common pitfalls of traditional solutions for low self esteemWhy dealing with negative thinking or negative thoughts by turning them into something positive may not be a good strategyWhat happy people have in commonWhat self love actually meansWhat role self discipline plays when it comes to self esteem
In addition Martin Kaye introduces you to a complete system designed specifically to build self esteem while avoiding all the traps. To help you put this system into practice a self esteem workbook comes as a companion to this book.

Are you ready for your journey towards Self Esteem Mastery?

Scroll up and get your hands on this book today!

March 8
Martin Kaye
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

KinkyTwisted ,

Brian, Michigan

Insightful. I found it to be a great book for someone that is looking for true explanations and definitions.

hisbossmom81594 ,

Perfect sense

Shockingly good. This book had my mind twisted. I feel better equipped to continue on working on my willpower. Thanks.

Kaylaetess ,

Top 5 self improvement books in my opinion!!

Great insight and better understanding into the idea of self esteem

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