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Self-Medicine™ and RHUMART Miracles: what a title for a book?
Self-Medicine™ refers to the RHUMART approach and system, which is an alternative form of medicine that is pain-killing, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative. This approach has been used successfully for the last 35 years, first in Quebec and Canada, and after, in some 22 countries on the five continents.

"RHUMART Miracles" is the expression used by owner-users of RHUMART systems, but also by clinicians, medical doctors, health professionals and various therapists to qualify the amazing, extraordinary, "unbelievable" or seemingly "unreal" results obtained by various users of RHUMART, including medical specialists who confirmed the extraordinary results, although they were unaware that RHUMART was used to generate such results!

More specifically, RHUMART was used to help control the following problems: arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, trauma, STRESS, and more generally, to help "repair" the human body, and to improve or resolve many types of rare diseases.

Also, major topics related to RHUMART are introduced and discussed:
reprogramming the body-brain-mind-spirit complex, when using RHUMART
regularly, and for many, many years; repairing or creating new synapses; why do we need to sleep; the electrophysiology of the nervous system; the simple statistical "BAYES’ formula" to help select RHUMART parameters; the "hidden power" of RHUMART beyond psy’s words, individual neuronal signals, and components of human beings; repairing DNA with signals generated by RHUMART systems; socio-economic health in emerging countries; the importance of making RHUMART accessible to all; the F1-series of RHUMART systems; RHUMART fertility centre, clinic or home; the so-called "universal RHUMART connection" and the scientific philosophy of life; the perfect resonance of the “physical vacuum”; electric lightning in bio-membranes; cell nutrition, metabolism, and growth; simplified neurosciences; and means to control inflammation in some 80 % of chronic health problems.

Finally, an historical chapter on RHUMART Neurosciences, including scientific and educational topics, many beautiful photos of the greater RHUMART family, pictures of Rodrol and RHUMART books, important drawings from RHUMART patents, ending with the author's biography.

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December 16
Roland Drolet