Self The Hidden Idol

Embracing the Liberating Truth of Scripture; That Christ is Our Life

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Publisher Description

Are you stumbling through Life? Have you lost your direction? Do you have a clear path for your life and a way to achieve your goals? Many people struggle when it comes to their life’s journey. They often make bad decisions with the best intentions only to feel hopeless and helpless in their path when things didn’t go as planned. Dolly Parton, a famous award-winning country singer, said, “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” You can’t rely on your family, friends, or colleagues to change your direction. The focus of creating your path is your responsibility. Where do you start? How do you pave another path when it’s God’s path you must travel?

With numerous distractions prevalent in our lives, the challenge to create a path without God in control and seek the advancement of self becomes enticing. We are taught as children to focus on becoming the best we can be and at all costs. The saying, “I think I can” becomes, “I know I can,” and as a result, we become entrapped in achieving our success without God’s direction.

What do you do when your path does not lead to success? What happens when you start creating a path that isn’t God-centered and driven? Is there only one path?

Self the Hidden Idol by Willie R. Smith, a full-time missionary, examines how we deceive ourselves into thinking we can do all things possible without God in our lives, and self-idolization erupts deep within. The effect is devastating in our lives resulting in despair, depression, and hopelessness. The desired outcome for readers is to become aware of their hidden idol, they maintain within, and address it head-on with no excuses. Smith discusses the many facets of self-awareness of the idol within and how we became self-centered. A reader will learn to recognize their hidden idol, and how to live a selfless life of victory through Christ Jesus, even when the path chosen seems to lead to nowhere. A directionless path is a destructive path. There is victory ahead in your path when you address the idol within and allow God to lead the way. Start your journey to victory today; form your path in the direction He designed for you. Self the Hidden Idol will guide you on your journey. Be victorious!

Religion & Spirituality
April 14
Willie R Smith
New Creation517 Inc