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Three Cozy Mysteries from #1 Bestselling author Susan Harper

Felicity has established herself as a first class party planner and super sleuth. Faced with three more nefarious crimes, she just might be reaching the end of her sleuthing days. Can she put three more criminals behind bars and move on with her life or will this truly be the final mystery she ever solves?

This collection of cozy mysteries includes the last three books in the Senoia Cozy Mystery series. If you like cozy mysteries with interesting characters and unexpected turns, the Senoia Cozy Mystery series is for you.

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Included Books

Each book in the series is a stand-alone story, but your enjoyment of each story will be increased if you read them all. Be sure to check them all out.

Vacations and Victims – Felicity and the crew have graduated to preventing murders. After foiling an attempt on the senator’s life, Felicity takes some time off to enjoy a vacation with her sister. Unfortunately, she soon learns that when you’re a super sleuth, you always seem to be in the right place—or wrong?!?—when dead bodies turn up. Will a killer spoil her vacation by getting away or will Felicity put another criminal behind bars?

A Death Downtown – Felicity has put her party planner hat back on and is set to host one of the biggest events of the year in Senoia. When old friends get involved, it has the feel of the good old days. Until a dead body shows up. Felicity will have to tap into all of her previous sleuthing experience to bring down the killer this time. Can she solve the death downtown or will there be more victims while the guilty party gets away?

A Final Fatality – Felicity Overton has put numerous criminals behind bars…and planned a few bang up parties in the process. When one of her deadliest mysteries is resurrected, it might prove to be too much for her to handle. Can she face down a personal tragedy and find another killer before it is too late?

Young Adult
December 3
Fairfield Publishing
VanBergen Inc.

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