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A young man kills his wife, three weeks from giving birth, drives to her mother’s home, and kills again, all in front of his five-year old son. Can he possibly be forgiven by God and brought to salvation. How?

Can this bizarre demon-infested life be set free? Does a demon have to be cast out by some spooky, mysterious process we can’t possibly understand? Or, is it much simpler than that?

Demonic possession, murder, execution. The Death Penalty in Texas. Troubling topics, but not nearly as troubling as a Life Penalty, alone without God. 

Could Adolph Hitler have been forgiven and saved? Can Charles Manson be forgiven and saved? Can anyone be released from demons and saved? How?

Can murder be forgiven? Double murder? Triple murder? Maybe the better question is this: Can any sin be forgiven? Best question: can my sin be forgiven?

Can a scared, reluctant, jail volunteer minister be used by God to make a difference in all this? Seems unlikely but there’s a better question. Can anyone be used by God in miraculous ways? How? The path is simple, painful, and beautiful all at once.

Both main characters live under a death penalty, as do we all, but the lesson of this journey concerns the life penalty, how to avoid it and how to embrace the life gift. You will discover how to walk, when “you’ve never been this way before.”

Sentenced to Die in Texas… Forgiven to Live Forever, will change how you think about all these questions.

Is God bigger than the death penalty? Just download, read, and find out. 

Religion & Spirituality
November 20
Dennis Pappenfus
Dennis Pappenfus