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Seren Grayson is a tempest. Heartless and destructive to anyone who crosses his path. But because of his good looks and talent on the football field, the students at Windham Prep adore him. They respect his boldness. They fear his wrath. And, they believe they know the real Seren. 

But they don't. 

When I'm forced to move into Seren's home, I unexpectedly unleash his wrath and become his latest target. He may think I'm easy prey because I'm the housekeeper's daughter, but he's wrong. I'm not someone who will cower or back down when I'm pushed. 

I'll push back. Harder.

The longer I spend in Windham, the more I unravel the mysteries of Seren and Grayson Manor. Who knew it would take an outsider to soften his tough exterior and discover the truth behind the lies.

March 26
J. Nathan
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Romance213 ,

The perfect blend of mystery, intrigue and forbidden love!!

Grace was still mourning the death of her father when her mother whisked her away to live in the Grayson Mansion where she worked. Her mother had warned her about the Grayson brothers but Grace refused to allow the rich and entitled brothers to give her a hard time. Grace was a strong and independent young woman who knew what she wanted out of life and had great plans for her future. I applaud her for putting up with the bullying and relentless name calling when she was forced to attend school with Seren and his brothers. Grace stood up to them with her head held high and her self-esteem intact.

It took me a bit longer to warm up to Seren because I wasn’t sure what he was up to. He was a talented but troubled young man whose past was filled with sadness and loss because his fathers death changed all of them. His mother was not herself and it was hard for him to see her as a weak and dependent woman. He just wanted his fun and vibrant mother back! Seren also wanted Grace, but being rude to her and playing tricks on her was not the way to win her heart. Grace may feel something for Seren but she wasn’t sure she could trust him with her heart.

Grace and Seren are a dynamic young couple who were forced to be together by circumstances beyond their control. The magnetic pull between them got stronger as they spent more time together and I was hoping Seren would relax a bit so Grace could see the man behind the good looks and rude attitude. I was shocked by the ending of the book but I wasn’t surprised to see Grace and Seren involved with solving the mystery and bringing happiness to his family once again.

Courtle3 ,

Fine Line Love/Hate

Seren, you big beautiful jerk….. You made me mad and want to reach out and shake you, but then there were times when we would see these glimpses to a broken yet beautiful soul so you really grabbed my attention in several ways. When we got to see your softer side with Grace you truly shined and I must say as far as beautifully broken angry boys go you remind me so much of my Crosby (that puts you in high rankings in my book boyfriend entourage). Sincerely, a reader who fell for your charms Ok so that’s out of the way but I truly meant what I said, Seren has something about him (I guess its the angry broken bad boy vibe) that drew me in right away. Yes, he made me made, yes I wanted to chew him out, and yes he wasn’t the greatest person in the beginning, but as always it seems to take that one person who defies what they stand for to throw them for a loop and turn them into these swoon worthy guys. He has so much anger built up from the past that he acts without thinking, takes what he wants, and says what he wants. When you see the heart of him there’s more to him than that though and Grace stands her ground, refuses to let him get to her. At times this read could move at a fast pace so things went from zero to super heat between these two. Grace is the daughter of the help and the opposite of Seren, she stand up for herself, yet she is still vulnerable. There is a bunch of petty high school drama, but at the end of the day when Seren finally realizes what he is missing and opens up we see a completely 180. Grace is still hesitant when things first start out but Seren sweeps her off her feet, yet there is a bigger situation and threat that makes things a lot more difficult for them. Can they stand together and show others that it doesn’t matter where you come from love is love or will they crumble under the scrutiny? When a major problem threatens to tear them apart will it destroy what they built or make them stronger? Will Seren let his anger go to see can be happy because he does deserve it? I loved this story and although things moved fast its still a fun read that I’ll read over and over again, I wish we had more time with them. It’s weird to say but Seren you have really put pressure on Crosby (for Crosby) at being my number one.

Srosenthal ,


I received a complimentary early release copy of this e-book from the author prior to release and am voluntarily leaving a review.

This was an absolutely amazing story and I loved it so much. Its a teen bully story but it also is suspense and a HUGE nailbiter. I loved that the teens in this story save their mom and that they become this team and have each others backs.

This story starts in New Hampshire where we meet 17-year old Grace, who has lost her father and is forced to move into the gothic mansion where her mom works for her rich girlhood friend. Thats when she meets 18 year old Seren, 17 year old Saint and 16 year old Sawyer. The boys are mean and cold, except for Sawyer who becomes Grace's friend.

Seren sees Grace and hates her on sight and she thinks he is a cold and unfeeling boy. She also hates his friends and so Seren and friends try and torture her a bit.

This book sort of read a bit like Pride and Prejudice and the characters of Grace and Seren get compared a lot in this story. I adored this aspect of the story. And as we start to see Seren open up to Grace and her demand better behavior from him, I started to adore this story.

Trouble comes on graduation day and that's when the suspense kicks up in this story. This is where I couldn't turn the pages enough and I loved how Grace decides to fight back and get the brothers involved.

I LOVED this story so much. It was a wonderful bully story and I adored the comparison to Pride and Prejudice. I also loved watching Seren and Grace fall for each other and the ending was the best.

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