Sermons of William Marrion Branham - 1963 Sermons of William Marrion Branham - 1963

Sermons of William Marrion Branham - 1963

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Sermons of William Marrion Branham

Have you ever read your Bible and wondered where is the God of Elijah Who called down the Pillar of Fire or raised up the dead? Why do we not have prophets today like we read about in the Bible? Where are the miracles that were always present with every true servant of God? The Holy Scriptures certainly promise that we would have prophets today, so where are they? Did the hope of God sending a Message to the earth die two thousand years ago when the last verse of the Bible was written? Although many of the modern denominations would have you believe that the days of miracles is past and prophets are no longer needed, God HAS sent a man in these last days with THUS SAITH THE LORD, and yes, miracles followed his Message. 

Contained within the text of this ebook is an opportunity to read the words spoken by such a man, who not only preached the Bible from Genesis to Revelation but also demonstrated the power of Jesus Christ being the same yesterday, today and forever.

“Not for one moment do I bring a message to the people that they may follow me, or join my church, or start some fellowship and organization. I have never done that and will not do that now. I have no interest in those things, but I do have an interest in the things of God and people, and if I can accomplish just one thing I will be satisfied. That one thing is to see established a true spiritual relationship between God and men, wherein men become new creations in Christ, filled with His Spirit and live according to His Word. I would invite, plead and warn all to hear His voice at this time, and yield your lives completely to Him, even as I trust in my heart that I have given my all to Him. God bless you, and may His coming rejoice your heart.”  - William Branham, An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages.
This is ebook is book 12 of the entire collection of his sermons. In this ebook is a total compilation of the 95 sermons of Reverend William Marrion Branham preached in 1963  Every effort has been made to accurately transfer the verbal Message from the magnetic tape recording to the electronic page, and is transcribed unabridged and distributed by Voice Of God Recordings.
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November 23
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Elijah Dedeigbo ,


God came in the prophet William Marrion Branham in this last days to reveal Jesus Christ, our Lord in ALL THE MESSAGES, which TRUELY are the scriptural Voice of the Signs God manifested in His life to fulfill Revelation 10 : 7 as the HEAVENS vindicated Him to be the very One in and with the Spirit of Elijah to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers, Malachi 4 : 5 - 6. Thus, God had sent ALL THAT HIS PEOPLE REQUIRE TO BE MADE HIS BRIDE TO BE TAKEN AWAY BY JESUS CHRIST AT HIS COMING, SOON.

To believe and receive all of these messages from God is the only God provided way to partake of the Divine Nature, 2 Peter 1 : 3 - 5.
The enablement from above to live and be a rapturing candidate fully empowered to escape the corruption that is in this present world with the lust thereof.

It is clear that in the messages of William Marrion Branham God opened the mystery, what eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, those things, ( secret of the Translation of the Bride of Christ) which God hath prepared ( in the SEALS ) for them that love Him. 1 Corinthians 2 : 9 & 10.

To see and know this in these days is a great blessing of the Holy Spirit. BLESSINGS OF GOD UPON ALL WHO READ AND HEAR THE VOICE OF THE SEVENTH ANGEL. AMEN AND AMEN.

Brother Solomon ,

Powerful and life changing!

I have been reading and listening to Rev. William Branham's sermons for years. It has completely changed my life by deepened my walk with the Lord and opening my understanding to God's Word.

Blupearljab ,


Thank you for making this available for iPhone.

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