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Service innovation is a concept that, for the last decade, has received increased attention both among academics as well as practitioners. However, service innovation is a multi-fragmented concept which often induces confusion. The main purpose of the book is to discuss and explain what service innovation is, based on contemporary research. It explains service innovation from three different perspectives: stimulation, realization, and value capture.

Stimulation: Focuses on the front-end of service innovation. It deals with structures, cultures, and processes that stimulates innovation. Idea management will be a central part of this, where the specifics with handling service ideas, both internally and externally, are illuminated.

Realization: Deals with aspects on how to realize service innovations. This includes different aspects such as specific tools to be used for developing services, and also processes such as service design which aims to receive a better understanding of the customer or user. As co-creation is an important aspect of service innovation, this will also be dealt with. Finally, as many service innovations require behavior change (internally within the organization and externally among the receiving parties), this will also be covered.

Value capture: Companies transitioning to become more service-oriented discover the need to reconsider old business models in order to capitalize on their service offerings. Services are often taken for granted and included in the price. This book will addresses the problem of going 'from free to fee'. In addition, the book also deals with the difficulties that involve moving from a traditional product-oriented logic to a more contemporary service-logic.
Contents:Introduction (Per Kristensson, Peter R Magnusson and Lars Witell)Methods and Tools for Service Innovation (Johan Netz and Peter R Magnusson)What is an Idea for Innovation? (Alexandre Sukhov, Peter R Magnusson and Johan Netz)Public Management Logics for Service Innovation (Peter Samuelsson, Alexandre Sukhov, Chaoren Lu and Johan Kaluza)From Customer Feedback to Innovation: The IKEA Innovation Journey from Screws to Click (Bård Tronvoll, Bo Edvardsson and Maria Möllerskov-Jonzon)Resource Integration Processes as a Microfoundation for Service Innovation (Rolf Findsrud and Sebastian Dehling)Service Teams and Understanding of Customer Value Creation (Besma Glaa, Per Kristensson and Lars Witell)Creating the Perfect Match: Roles and Archetypes of Open Service Innovation (Per Myhrén, Lars Witell and Maria Åkesson)Servitization Goes to the Psychologist (Per Kristensson and Peter R Magnusson)Unveiling the Hidden Aspects of Service Innovation: Using Eye Tracking to Understand and Enhance Customer Experience (Wästlund Erik, Shams Poja, Otterbring Tobias and Matos Ricardo)Values-Driven Service Innovation for Transformational Change (Samuel Petros Sebhatu and Bo Enquist)Bridging the Gap — From Great Ideas to Realized Innovations (Linda Bergkvist and Jenny Karlsson)Exploring the Challenges of Servitization in Manufacturing Companies (Peter R Magnusson, Christiane Hipp and Bo Edvardsson)Value Creation in Service-Based States of Business Relationships (Lars Witell, Peter R Magnusson, Bo Edvardsson and Helen Beckman)
Readership: Students and academics in the field of innovation, service operations and sustainable business.Service;Innovation;Creativity;Ideas;Value;Customer;Marketing00

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