Serving Sterling

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Publisher Description

My new master is intense, intimidating, and wildly unpredictable.

The only thing I can count on? That he makes me ache in ways I didn’t know were possible before he caught me in his web.

Sterling’s secrets are of the dark and dangerous variety—there’s no doubt in my mind about that now. But I still can’t figure out what he truly wants from me.

He says he’ll take what I’ve promised when “the time is right.”

In the meantime, he seems determined to treat me like a naughty submissive, a princess, or…his lover.

But I can’t let myself be drawn in by his generous, wickedly sexy side. 

Serving Sterling is something I can survive. 

Falling for Sterling would destroy me—body, heart, and soul.

Warning: Serving Sterling is the second installment in a three-book serial romance. It’s a dark, dirty, boundary pushing romance that ends in a cliffhanger.  

January 25
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Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

What a ride….

Serving Sterling is Everly Stone's second installment of the Sold to Sterling series. Oh boy.... what has poor Trudy gotten herself into. To her surprise, what she thought would be one night with Sterling, losing her virginity, turns out to be much longer than that. Sterling plans on keeping Trudy at his beck and call. He isn't going to make it that easy for her. His plan is to keep her wanting and have her beg him to take her.
Trudy is all new to this. Her first intentions are to do what she has to do to get the money she needs to help her sister. What she doesn't expect is to find Sterling intriguing and her wanting to get to know all the sides of him. The moments that he is sweet and funny, she finds a glitter of hope that maybe it can be more.
Sterling has one goal, and that is to destroy Trudy to get his revenge on her stepbrother Connor. However, the more time he spends with Trudy, the more he finds himself really liking her. His game of betrayal appears to be turning its little evil head on him. When an unexpected threat comes knocking on Sterling's door, he will do whatever it takes to keep Trudy safe. Unfortunately, the quiet little sanctuary Sterling and Trudy have been living is about to go BOOM when secrets start to surface!
WOW, get ready for one crazy ride.

AudioAgal16 ,

The plot thickens!

This serial is really so awesome. Book 2 is also well-written with plenty of HEAT and plot twists!! This isn't your everyday smut. There's so much going on to keep you interested and flipping pages! I continue to find myself surprised by how multi-faceted these characters are. Sterling changed quite a bit in this book, and I kept expecting one thing from Trudy, then she gives us something different. She's much stronger than I expected her to be.

100% recommend this book if you like spanking, steam, mystery, and surprises!

BriWhale ,

Thick Tensions

The teasing between Sterling and Trudy continues. Emotions and tensions are starting to build to a peak. There was some steam, but mostly threats of things to come. Both of our main characters are starting to develop romantic feelings for each other. By the end I was left wondering whether those feelings will be enough or whether the truth will tear them apart.

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