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The Barbarian Marauders demand valuables and women or they will attack and lay waste to the village. To save what they have, six women volunteer to serve the fearsome Barbarians. They know what will happen but want to protect their loved ones.
Jaylene Dalkas, a virgin, is one of those women. Her betrothed is dead and her marriage prospects are grim. Her father has promised to marry her to a cruel, older man, rumored to have the pox, for the bride price he can provide.
Jaylene does not want to marry the man. She has a secret desire to bear a child but the stigma of having a child while unwed is too terrible to consider.

The invaders seem the better choice. It is Jaylene's fertile time and she knows she may get a baby in her belly from the Barbarians lust. Secretly she is hoping for that result.

Once they are through with her, then no one will want to marry her. Going to the Barbarians is a way to get out of her unwanted marriage and get a strong healthy baby.

The Barbarians like Jaylene for her courage. Although they planned to ravish her anyway, they happily endorse her plan to become pregnant and want to help her with her goals, filling her with a multitude of creampies.

She does not count on the possibility that the Barbarians may decide she is worth more on the block as a virgin than on the bed.

WARNING! This story contains graphic details of a virgin defloured, deliberate impregnation, creampies, oral sex training, multiple partners, MMMMMMMMMF.

Fiction & Literature
July 7
Ken Rander
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