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Standard operating procedures are a set of behaviors or actions designed to prevent the occurrence of specific errors.  Commercial operators successfully use SOPs to mitigate the risks of flying. The procedures in the book will yield similar results in the single-pilot, part 91 environment.

March 27
The Finer Points
On The Flight Line Productions

Customer Reviews

Fernando Calrizian ,

It WILL make you a safer pilot!

I’m a freshly minted private pilot working on my instrument rating with plans on continuing all the way to CFI. I came across Jason Miller going down the YouTube aviation rabbit hole during my PPL training (Flight Chops what’s up!) and instantly knew I had found an amazing resource.

Standard Operating Procedures are a huge factor in what makes our airlines so much safer than GA. This book outlines some excellent ways to take what the airlines have learned and implement them into a GA setting. Operating an aircraft is no joke, and this book will give you the tools to be a safer pilot. Simple as that.

ontheflightline ,

Update to the latest version

I am sorry to hear you feel the book did not meet your expectations. I intentionally used the multiple formats to better illustrate some of the concepts presented in the podcast throughout the years. Multiple ways to approach the learning … video, text, audio. The repetition is intentional.

Typos and grammar were fixed in the last update. I want to be sure you know how to update to the latest version in ibooks. Its not as obvious as the app side of things but if there is an update for any of your ibooks there will be a notification in the top left of the ‘shelf’ view of your ibooks app. Then you can be sure you have the latest and watch for new updates as they come.

Cadrysnow ,


Based on listening to The Finer Points podcast, I had high expectations for this book. Unfortunately it seems to be nothing more than a compilation of information previously delivered in the podcast.

Structurally it suffers as well inasmuch as the text restates what's presented in the embedded media files.

Finally, it appears not have been proofread with multiple typos, grammatical errors and whole paragraphs repeated.

A real disappointment; it really doesn't meet the standard I would expect from Jason.