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By 1595, Mughal ruler Akbar was the Emperor of India in the golden period of its history. Suraj, the Rajput warrior of Mughal Army is the son of Purujit; one of Akbar’s trusted generals. He along with his sister Aditi goes to spend the holidays in the farm house of Ashfaq Khan, Puru’s deputy on the outskirts of Ghana jungle near Agra. Ashfaq’s sons Ayaaz and Kareem and daughter Saira team up with them for various warrior games between the boys and the girls including sword fighting and hunting game.
All these happens when both fathers; Puru and Ashfaq are busy in fighting against the rebel son of Akbar; crown prince Saleem. Saleem falls in love with an exceptionally beautiful dance girl Anarkali (Pomegranate Blossom) against the wishes of Akbar. Saleem revolts against Akbar. Rebel is suppressed and Anarkali is buried alive as per Akbar’s decision.
Puru is killed on the unconfirmed allegation that his secret plan helps Anarkali escape live burial. Suraj sails to Portuguese controlled city Hooghly through River Yamuna and Ganga to escape from Mughal wrath. He sets up a goal to find out the truth about Anarkali, the only truth to prove his father’s innocence. To achieve this he travels to Goa and makes relations with Portuguese.
Did Anarkali change her name to Mehr to hide her identity? If Mehr is not Anarkali then why did Prince Saleem kill her husband and married her? Can the mysterious monk help him to achieve his goals or divert his goals completely?
Suraj’s journey through his first life with her love is full of adventure, romance and suspense.
The novel takes through the early phases of Portuguese colonialism in India besides showing a realistic picture of Mughal period of two famous Mughal rulers; Akbar and Jahangir. Anarkali is a real and famous dance girl of this period and still draws considerable interest.

March 15
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