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A murder. Missing children. And the crimes have only begun.

When Homicide Inspector Rebecca Mayfield investigates the murder of a delivery man and the disappearance of his two children, she suddenly finds herself a target. Boyfriend Richie Amalfi is convinced someone with position and power in the city's government wants Rebecca out of her job ... or dead. But who? And why?

As Rebecca becomes increasingly embroiled in a murder investigation with surprising and far-reaching tentacles, Richie intervenes on his own to keep her safe. He must use every weapon he has, including people with dubious ties to well-placed politicians, to learn about the sinister, unseen forces against her, and what to do about them.

But when the very people he thinks are targeting Rebecca become targets themselves, the situation turns even more deadly.

Don't miss Seven O'Clock Target as Rebecca and Richie deal with one of the most personally dangerous cases in her career.

The best-selling Inspector Rebecca Mayfield series combines fast-paced mysteries with a touch of humor and a hint of romance. Starting with One O'Clock Hustle, you'll find the hours just seem to fly by.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 15
Quail Hill Publishing, LLC
Quail Hill Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Restless red ,

Seven O’Clock Target was great!!!

I just finished reading Seven O’Clock and found it to be your best book yet! Can’t wait for the next one. I have only one criticism and it,s not of your writing but of your publisher/editor. I found so many grammatical errors I wondered what was wrong...someone needs to proof read by reading the words out loud to someone else so they can hear the mistakes. A quick proof read doesn’t make the errors obvious because the reader’s brain will easily make sense out of minor errors without hesitation.

Joanne, Keep up the great story plots and interesting characters. By the way, it had been a few years since I read your earlier books so before I read Seven O’Clock, I started over and reread all in this series. Rebecca and Richie...what a great love story.

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