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Thoughtfully written and drawing on decades of pastoral experience, Seven Things Every Believer Needs to Know is an essential resource for developing mature Christian spirituality. The Great Commission given by Christ entails the making of disciples through the ministry of teaching. Within the contents of this book are transformative lessons and practical principles that are essential for living the life of faith. Each chapter provides the tenets of support that are fundamental in forming a balanced Christian lifestyle. Too often, believers become disillusioned with God and lose faith when their prayers are seemingly unanswered. There are innumerable misconceptions and incomplete theologies associated with subjects regarding suffering, hardship, and pain. Questions like, “Where is God when I am hurting? Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?” are properly addressed in this guidebook.

Throughout each page, Dr. Harvey seeks to gently merge theoretical expectations to pragmatic reality at every stage in Christian development. He conveys instructional strategies and biblical information on a range of topics such as stressors and pressure, waiting on the Lord, and force ripening. Nourished by the Holy Spirit and guided with traditional orthodoxy, the pedagogy of this manuscript is suitable for both individual and collective use. It offers a creative framework for small group settings, discipleship-formation classes, and church Bible studies, respectively. Using sound Christian concepts as the methodology, this resource offers a wide array of comprehensive and ecumenical insights for systematic growth. It serves to foster a spiritual synthesis between the classic components of faith, understanding, and knowledge. Seven Things Every Believer Needs to Know is an appealing compilation that provides the reader heartfelt advice, wholesome encouragement with spiritual direction.

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October 4
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