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Fortunately, a friend of mine that had dealt with an alcoholic spouse helped me start to understand exactly what I had to do to start to unwind the mess that my life had become. I thank God for her help as I had tried unsuccessfully to manage my marriage and life.

I hope that you are reading this and ready for some help too. From my hardship, I have written this book as a way of reaching out and hope that others can find the freedom that I have been so blessed to find.

Please do not wait another moment. Take the small step of purchasing this book and begin your journey to freedom from the bondage of living with addiction.

Do this for yourself and your sanity. Good luck and I hope that we could one day meet to share our experience strength and hope.
A small but powerful book jam-packed with helpful information from someone with first- hand experience on the other side of sex addiction. Beneficial tools to help you on your way to recovery and lead you in the direction of the help that is available to you and your loved ones

Included is my personal journey through the ups and downs of sex addiction. The roller coaster ride of emotions and where to find the help you will need to feel sane once again.

My own personal experience shared unabashedly with honesty and integrity. This is as honest an account of the perils of sex addiction you will get. I have bared my soul to you so that you may get the help you need and the honesty you seek.

There is hope but not for the faint of heart. The journey is not an easy one nor is it a short one. There is no graduation day this is a journey you will be on for the rest of your lifetime. It is your journey singularly regardless of your partner’s decision this journey is about you and you will find it is the best gift you can give to yourself and your family.

There is a lot of hard work involved and it takes a lot of courage but with help of others in the program, you can make it. You will find your life will become more serene and fulfilling. You will laugh again and you will enjoy life again. You will learn to have intimate relationships with other women and you will find life can be good again. Just do yourself a favor and don’t leave before the miracle happens.

Blessings Cathy M.

What others are saying:

Cathy really delves into the symptoms of sex addiction and explains the preoccupation with sexual acts they suffer from. After this, she outlines a plan to help deal with this addiction and live a freer life. If you are a sex addict, this book will help you take the first steps to recovery. If you know a sex addict, this book will help you understand their issues, and perhaps you can help them to adapt.

James O'Brien

Health, Mind & Body
March 23
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