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The predominant message in our culture is that it's okay to have sex whenever, wherever, and however we want. Sex has become just sex. But while society has taken sex too far, the church hasn't taken it far enough.

God wants couples to make love in marriage-with passion, with purpose, and with pleasure. Marriages aren't experiencing all the benefits that come from a healthy sex life. Couples are facing a barrage of influences that keep them from connecting with each other regularly-the kids, the career, the house, the errands, etc.

SEXPERIMENT shows people that sex in marriage is more than just sex, and it's more than a chore. The Youngs believe it's time to get back to understanding the context of sex in marriage and that it's time for couples to break the barriers keeping them from a healthy sexual relationship. Couples ought to experience the benefits of having sex regularly, intentionally, and creatively. SEXPERIMENT will allow couples to discover that the intersection of God and sex can lead to a life punctuated by exclamation marks!

Religion & Spirituality
January 10
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jamielb71 ,

Awesome book!

I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical at first because it seemed like all the reviews I read could've been done by the author or something. I bought though because what could I lose?!? My husband and I have been married for just 5 yrs and we have a good marriage with very little baggage but i think this book will help us avoid pitfalls in the future. I learned a lot about how the male mind works and Ed really knows women. It was everything I wanted my husband to hear that I couldn't put into words. I now fully understand the real purpose of sex in a marriage and what it was meant to be not what the world made it. This book is full or so much important information. Oh yeah and the actual sexperiment went great also! It's all about being intentional in your actions! Thanks Ed, it's definitely a book that I will read many times over!

Emile Caires ,

Just what the Church & this World needed!

"We've kicked the bed out of the church & God out of the bed. We need to bring the bed back in church & God back in the bed" Great book for single, engaged, newly weds, & married couples. I like how Ed is making a very "X-rated" topic in our world & church today, the way God intended & designed to be talked about. Spreading the Truth of the Word of God is crucial with this generation we live with. Thank you, Ed for writing the Truth.

itsspock ,

Amazingly Great and Inspirational

Just started reading it with my wife. Cant wait to here the full series at Fellowship Church. and all proceeds go to the Church its amazing what God can do for our marriage. Great READ!!!!

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