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Sexplained Two

For Changing Times

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Forget other survival guides: This is the one everybody needs. Buy it for your kids, your gap year, your school library, your GP, your practice nurse, school nurse, or your barracks… but most of all, buy it for yourself.

This is essential information way beyond the experience of most of us, including many healthcare professionals, but it’s all here, and easy to find. 

Maybe there is no such things as a stupid question but it’s scary to ask and dangerous not to. 

All your questions are answered here, as well as many you didn’t even know you wanted to ask. 

For example: What’s FGM? What’s an oral dam? How can you get pregnant without having sex? How long do sperm live inside a woman? What does consent really mean? What should I do if I forget my Pill? How fast do men ejaculate? What’s a clitoris? What’s phimosis? What’s fertile mucus? My boyfriends says he needs to have sex! and Should sex hurt? - to name just a few. 

We all wonder and we all need to know.”

Dr David Wight - General Practitioner, Sheffield. 


Sexplained Two - For Changing Times is an essential tool for anyone who works with girls and young men, and is a must read for every teenager (and adult). 

Helen’s abundance of medical knowledge combined with the right amount of humour sheds light on many important and all too often unspoken sexual topics. 

Everyone invested in sexual and reproductive health and development will want to read it. 

I can’t recommend it more highly to schools.”

Joy Marchese - Teacher and Parent Educator at The American School in London. 


“Anyone contemplating their choice of contraception will find this book to be an excellent guide. 

After explaining the changes that occur as we mature physically and emotionally, it offers sensible choices. Written in a user friendly / easily accessible format, it is useful for young people and those who work or live with them. 

And, given the increasing relationship between social media, pornography and the many laws related to sex, this is an important book for anyone interested in, or curious about, the sexual complications of the 21st century.”

Sally Kelsey - Contraception Nurse Specialist


“Times have definitely changed. Gone are the days when contraception and genitourinary medicine were two distinct disciplines. 

With the integration of sexual health services, many professionals feel out of their depth, and their comfort zone, when they are faced with today’s sexual health challenges. 

This book covers topics that staff working with young people need to know and it’s an invaluable reference for people working in a wide range of environments. 

It answers a myriad of questions posed by healthcare professionals, young people, their parents and other adults. 

I highly recommend this book, to all” 

Justin Gaffney RN, Chair of Genito-Urinary Nurses Association (GUNA) UK

    Health, Mind & Body
    November 1
    Knox Publishing (Brentwood), UK
    Sexplained Ltd

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