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<p>Shades of Lust is the first short story collection from author Blaine Teller. The collection features 17 steamy stories about taboo affairs, paranormal trysts and erotic adventures. Enjoy these naughty stories, as you are treated to fourteen M/F stories, one story with multiple partners, and two lesbian tales. He will spark your imagination and keep you wanting more!</p><p>His Love Parts 1-3
</p><p>Jessica isn&rsquo;t as alone as she thinks she is; someone &ndash; or something &ndash; has been watching her. </p><p>Queen Of The Forest</p><p>Darrian, prince of the elves meets with Hanako, the queen of the goblins. The two find quite a liking for each other, and their relationship quickly becomes much more than a professional one.</p><p>Queen Of The Forest II</p><p>With the king of elves near death, Darrian is set to become ruler of his people. But first, according to custom, he must marry. As Darrian and Haruko thoroughly consummate their marriage, they unite their people and their own lives forever.</p><p>Probed</p><p>Pretty and curvy brunette Courtney is out for a nice long walk in the woods. Just when she settles into a comfortable spot, she is taken by what is meant to appear as an interstellar science vessel.</p><p>Abduction Affection</p><p>This is a story about the fascination that humans experience when cooped up with out relief of any kind for long periods of time.</p><p>A Hidden Gift</p><p>Shapely blonde Jean and petite brunette Sarah have been in a committed relationship for months, but Sarah has always denied her girlfriend sex. She eventually reveals to Jean the reason for her secretiveness.</p><p>Sin And Punishment</p><p>In a kingdom where shame of one&rsquo;s desires and libido is customary and widespread, the punishments for many crimes are of a sexual nature. Daena is a repeat offender; her punishment will be harsh, but she looks forward to it.</p><p>Seeing Spots</p><p>Evan realizes there are other benefits to dating a shape shifter, when Amber suddenly shifts into a sexy anthro-leopard.</p><p>Prisoner Of Lust</p><p>Kaidan, a scout for the goblin army, is given orders to study the kobold tribes. What he learns is surprising though. They are not just primitive hunter, gatherers with beastly behavior and appearance, but they are also sexually charged with primal calling.</p><p>Witch Hunt</p><p>Aveline thought that, like most witch hunters, Aldous is pompous and over confident. Cornered, she has no choice but to offer sexual favors in exchange for her freedom.</p><p>No More Monsters</p><p>Brunette MILF Tanya listens to her daughter's complaint again that there is a monster under her bed.</p><p>E-Love</p><p>Single dad Ron sets up a meeting with his online girlfriend. 20-year-old Edna has also arranged a meeting with an online lover. They each discover that they had in fact been having cyber sex with each other for over a year..</p><p>Growing Dark</p><p>This story involves sex between a human and a demon-possessed husky plush.</p><p>Riding Red</p><p>In this delicious take on the traditional fairy tale, a voluptuous blonde named Red takes a shortcut through the woods on her way to visit her grandmother.</p><p>Relieving The Troops</p><p>Mirri is a slender, dark-haired elven healer. this adventure brings her to a squad of goblin soldiers. The goblins are uninjured but refer to other needs that require tending.</p>

Fiction & Literature
April 17

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