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A dead man is found in a dumpster in a New York back alley. At first glance everything points to a vicious street mugging. John Kramer is summoned to take over the investigation and finds himself in the middle of a far reaching and deadly conspiracy, which quickly turns into the FBI’s worst nightmare.

A resourceful and brilliant terrorist plans to avenge the death of his mentor and orchestrates an atrocious mega attack that could shatter the foundations of the U.S. nation and spread the word of terror across the globe.

John receives unexpected help to hunt down the terrorists, but is held back by his moral beliefs. Can John turn into a ruthless hunter to bring down the terrorist cell in time and prevent a devastating attack?

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 4
Larry Alon Levitan
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

K.J. Pierce ,

A Well-Crafted And All-Too-Plausible Thriller

Shades of Terror by Larry Alon Levitan is a fast-paced thriller that brings to life a scenario frighteningly relevant in modern society: the secretive underworld of terror cells intent on bringing their particular brand of horror to the United States. In this case, New York City is once again the target as a shadowy and merciless architect of terror strives to inflict his brand of vengeance on the city in retribution for the death of Osama bin Laden.

At the center of the investigation is John Kramer, an agent with the FBI, who must unlock the secrets to the clandestine attack and dismantle the terror cell before time runs out and NYC is devastated. Together with a Mossad hit squad, he scours the city only to discover that the plot is part of a widespread conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of the United States.

I typically don’t read books that involve things that could actually happen. Give me a horror novel with monsters any day of the week and I sleep like a baby, but give me a book about something that is a very real possibility and I’m freaked out for weeks on end. Having grown up in Germany during the 80s when terrorism was a constant threat, I’m well-versed in having that threat take up space in the back of my mind. Somehow it’s different for me living in the U.S. with the current threats and occurrences of terrorism. The reasons why would take a book in itself, but Shades of Terror is well-written and the scenario entirely plausible, which makes it a book that’s hard to put down. The level of detail is intricate and the story compelling. Mr. Levitan has done a fantastic job of crafting a novel that is well worth the read.