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This is book 3 and the finale of the War Reapers MC series! 

I took her in the shadows, so no one could hear her scream.


My days are filled with violence, my nights with blood.

The most dangerous crime lord in the city wants my MC slaughtered.

It’s why I ride alone.

Any woman in my life has to leave the next morning – for her own safety.

But when Lauren walks into my biker bar on Christmas, looking sweet and innocent and seductive?

I can’t resist.

I take her home. I make her scream my name until her throat is hoarse. I give her a night to remember.

But then she disappears.

Months later, I’m in the battle of a lifetime, trying to keep my MC alive.

But guess who I end up saving one night?


And to make things worse?

She’s carrying my child.

Now she—and the baby she carries—are in mortal danger.

And it might cost me everything to keep them both safe.


When my boyfriend dumps me, I refuse to spend Christmas alone.

I go to the place I’ve always been too scared to enter: the city’s biker bar.

There, I see the most gorgeous man. With muscles rippling and tattoos all over his body, he puts me under his spell.

When Nic says he’s taking me to his bed? I don’t resist.

He gives me the greatest pleasure I’ve ever known. All through the night, he claims me.

But that one night has consequences.

Because now I’m pregnant with Nic’s baby.

I don’t know how to tell him. How can a man like him be a father?

But when he rescues me, keeps me safe, I want to believe we can be a family.

Can I tell him I love him—before it’s too late?


SHADOW is about Nic and Lauren, a bad boy biker and an innocent girl. They were from two different worlds, but in this new adult contemporary romance, they find their way into each other’s arms. The dark romance story with sex and passion is an exciting, action-filled read. It will quickly become your favorite alpha male bad boy biker romance series of all-time – guaranteed! So check out this romance thriller suspense right now!

October 5
Sopris Page Press
Sopris Page Press Inc.

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