Shadow of a Chance

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Hand chosen to work a joint op with the CIA as a Navy deserter, Navy SEAL Chance Reynolds followed the rules, and got burned. Now his best friend is dead, and Chance is stuck with the 'deserter' label. The only reason he isn't rotting in prison is due to the interference from a former retired commander.

He owes the man.

So when a mysterious woman contacts Chance and offers him a job to safely escort the daughter of a murdered scientist to several classified locations across the country, he agrees. Not because of the insane amount of money offered, but to repay the debt to his former commander. Knight, no doubt, had to be the one who tossed his name to the shadowy lady. No way would anyone trust a Navy deserter to protect an asset.

Dana Spencer is no asset.

She's not the scientist's daughter either, but she is under orders to keep it a secret and carryout the mission her dear friend and coworker would have…if she weren't in a coma. Even though Dana hates lying, especially to her handsome, ex-military bodyguard, she has no choice. The fate of millions depends on her deciphering ciphers left by her friend's murdered father...before his secret NSA work falls into enemy hands.

Dana is unlike any woman Chance has ever known, smart, beautiful, a crack shot, and even though he senses she's hiding something, he doesn't bother to fight their crazy chemistry.

Chance deserves to know the truth. He's kept her safe and amazingly satisfied but will he desert her when he discovers she's CIA? Between her deceit and an enemy who always seems to be a step ahead, Dana's not sure if their mission or relationship stands a shadow of a chance.

August 31
Donna Michaels
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jen G F ,

Shadow of a Chance

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Shadow of a Chance by Donna Michaels is book 5 in the Shadow SEALs series by various authors. While each book is a standalone there is an underlying theme with a shadowy figure named Charley. Can’t wait for the next book in this series! Also loosely tied to the Dangerous Curves series…

Chance Reynolds was chosen to work with the CIA along with his best friend but something goes terribly wrong..his friend is dead, he gets a dishonorable discharge and was to be in prison but his former retired commander interfered to keep him out. Months later he is contacted by the mysterious Charley to be a bodyguard for the daughter (Dana/Dayna) of a murdered scientist who has to go all over the country for the pieces to a classified project and keep it out of the enemy’s hands.

Dana Spencer works for the CIA and is tasked with impersonating her best friend Dayna (they looks so much alike and she is in a coma) to find the pieces of the classified project with the clues the scientist left before he was murdered..

Secrets, lies, danger, stress, conspiracy, steamy, instant attraction, solving the puzzle and hopefully finding the HEA they both deserve!!

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