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Treachery! Treason! Trolls!

Fooled into thinking they are returning heroes, the entourage's royal welcome is cut short when they mysteriously collapse; all but Nikki, the one nobody trusted.


Lady Nicole Arendale's past is shrouded in mystery, but it's slowly unravelling as secrets long buried are exposed, threatening everyone's future. Never one to rely on anyone's help, she has no choice but to return to her previous life if she has any hope of saving them. 


Set on a path she neither expected, nor wanted, they are running for their lives, searching for a safe haven in the midst of the coming storm. She could simply slip into the night, but something keeps her with them, yearning for a glimmer of hope. 


Driven to see this adventure through to the end, she must now choose; her future or theirs? 


Shadow of the Crown is the fourth book in the Heir to the Crown fantasy series. If you like epic battle scenes, mythical races, and a captivating story, then you will love Paul J Bennett's tale of a rogue who turns the tables. 


Pick up your copy of Shadow of the Crown, and prepare for a day of reading!


New to the series? Meet Gerald Matheson, the steadfast warrior in ‘Heir to the Crown: Book One, Servant of the Crown’, available in eBook & paperback.   

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 22
Paul J Bennett
Paul Bennett

Customer Reviews

tolistari ,

Great character development continues

I have seen some reviews referencing this series as “coming of age”, but it is definitely so much more and better than that. We come to appreciate so many of the people in the stories. There are great battle scenes and the plot keeps twisting. Can’t wait for the next one.

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