Shadow War: Armageddon

Games Workshop

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Publisher Description

Armageddon is wracked with war. As hordes of ferocious Ork warriors surge across the planet, they are met in combat by the combined forces of the Imperium. The bloodiest and most gruelling battles are fought within the hives: the ancient, towering cities that are the last strongholds of Humanity.

Across Hive Acheron, elite squads of soldiers are deployed where larger armies are unable to operate. These guerilla fighters creep through the twisting pipes and gantries of the hive to strike deep within enemy territory. They are assassins, and saboteurs – they are the kill teams of Armageddon, battling over precious promethium in order to win the shadow war and decide the fate of the bitter battle that has engulfed the planet.

A standalone game, Shadow War: Armageddon pits kill teams against each other in skirmish combat, with a detailed set of rules that are easy to pick up, yet detailed and complex enough to delight even the most seasoned wargamer. Shadow War: Armageddon brings the thrill of close-up and personal warfare to your gaming table, from single skirmishes to long, hard-fought campaigns that could decide the fate of Armageddon.


– A brief history of the wars that have wracked Armageddon

– An overview of the main forces fighting over the hive world

– Core Rules for movement, shooting, combat and more

– Additional rules to add layers of complexity to your games

– A detailed armoury, covering the different weapons, equipment and armour available

– 6 missions,with set-up, deployment and victory details

– Campaign rules doe linking battles together

– Rules for skills and special operatives to improve your warriors

– Sub-plots and Rewards of Battle that add depth to your campaigns

– Evocative photography of Citadel miniatures battling in Hive Acheron.

Also includes rules for expanding your games with kill teams from a variety of Warhammer 40,000 armies including Adeptus Mechanicus, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Harlequins, Grey Knights, Necrons, Tau Empire, Tyranids and Genestealer Cults, each with unique weapons and wargear.

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    Customer Reviews

    Mr. Hashshashin ,

    Is what it says it is!

    So this is indeed the 194+ page pdf. Essentially what I was expecting. One minor nit-pick would be that I wish they had created an integrated wargear section, as it is now to find out what a faction specific weapon you need to flip to the back of the book and look it up under the specific faction. Not a biggie but would have been nice to be able to look all the stats up in one place.... Thanks GW!

    MattyWillyRoby ,

    Updated same day of release. Awesome turn around GW!!!

    Updated same day of release. Awesome turn around GW!!!

    [septimus] ,

    Game is good. Book layout is terrible.

    It's a portrait PDF (so: unreadable on my laptop) with the original 3 factions (Astra Militarum, Scouts, Orks) stuck in the middle of the book with gear, points, specialists, and rules scattered to the four winds.

    I wish I'd just shelled out the extra 8 stupid dollars for the physical book- it would've been the same crap layout, but at least it's easier to flip pages a thousand times than constantly flip bookmarks.

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