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Heath Kavanaugh lost years of his life working for a covert agency that ended up being the enemy. Knowing they put something inside his head—constant, incomprehensible whispers—is driving him crazy. 

He needs answers, but they’re nowhere to be found.

What he definitely doesn't need is to fall hard for his Linear teammate's younger sister, Jacquelyn—the adorable linguistics doctoral student who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Especially when Heath’s attention puts her directly in the path of a danger he thought was gone for good. To stop it, they’ll have to figure out what’s in his head. And hope it doesn’t destroy them all.

August 16
Calamity Jane Publishing
Jane Crouch

Customer Reviews

Cheryl SDS ,

She’s good for him!

This is book 6 in the Linear Tactical series and it features Heath “Shadow” Cavanagh and Jacquelyn “Lyn” Norris Zimmerman. If you recognize that last name, you are correct in thinking that she is Gavin “Redwood” Zimmerman‘s sister. Heath is undercover at her university. She wants to succeed on her own, without the “Zimmerman” name, so she changes it. She shortens her first name to Lyn and drops the second last name. When he met her, he had NO idea she was Gavin’s sister until the “morning after” and she was already in danger. She has a heart condition that is pretty scary. It had me holding my breath a few times during some exciting moments.

I love that these men fall hard and no matter what, stick by these women through good and bad. This plot is on-going through this series and it is brilliant! The characters are all people I wish were a part of my circle of friends. Bravo! I can’t wait for the next one.

Evieo17 ,


This was one ride I didn’t want to get off. I loved Heath and Jacqueline together. I just wanted more of them.

Groomsmom ,

Sexy and wild

Another suspenseful, sexy wild story from Ms. Crouch. Previous members of the team, with a few additions, make the story jump.

Heath Kavanaugh is an operative who formerly was a member of Project Crypt. He was recruited from college and with other members was sent on missions they thought were government sanctioned. Turns out not so much, and all the members were being manipulated into super soldiers. When Crypt was eliminated, Heath was left with gibberish sounding like voices in his head. The one person who could explain was assasinated right before his eyes. With a request from a local FBI Agent, Heath agrees to go undercover at a university to search out faculty members who are selling government secrets. Little did he know he was going to be a janitor.

Lyn Norris is working on her Ph.D in linguistics while her family believes she is studying hospitality services. She loves languages and loves saying “naughty” words in several dialects. She meets the new janitor, Heath, and something about him catches her attention. He seems to always be around when she needs a helping hand. Little does she know he is an operative from her brothers company, Linear Tactical.

The action is like a roller coaster ride that doesn’t end, and the sizzle between Lyn and Heath is amazing. This is a great addition to the Linear Tactical Series, and I hope there is more! Shadow can be read as a stand alone, but the first five books in the series are equally exciting, suspenseful and enjoyable!
Pat Fordyce

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