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From USA Today bestselling author, Deanna Chase, the fifth book in the Jade Calhoun Series.

Starting a new job is tough...especially when your boss thinks nothing of interrupting your wedding.

After a year of battling ghosts and demons, white witch Jade Calhoun is finally marrying the man of her dreams. Or is she? Minutes before Jade and Kane say I do, the High Angel arrives with a job for the newly appointed shadow walkers. Another witch’s life is on the line and it’s up to Jade and Kane to save her. 

With a black magic user intent on destroying one of Jade’s friends, more demons on the loose, and a hard to find incubus, can the almost newlyweds save the witch and get their own happy ending?

March 30
Bayou Moon Press, LLC
Deanna Chase

Customer Reviews

math wizard ,


Excellent story! I have been waiting for the wedding of Jade and Kane! Will it go off without a hitch, please! This action packed story has Jade in trouble as well as Pyper, Kat and more. Ghost are creating problems, Chessandra disrupts the wedding but we do know things will turn out fine. Lucien will get help and him and Kat will have a happy ending. With all the action, romance, twists to the plots you still have humor! I love the wedding which finally happens! Read and enjoy this excellent book which I give ten plus more stars!

Lisa Bateman ,

Demon Hunters

This review is for both the audiobook and the ebook since I read/listened to both. First I would like to say that a lot of reviews stated Jade had an emerald ring and this book said diamond. I was thinking it was an emerald with diamonds all around it. Anyway, moving on, in the last book it seemed like things were beginning to be repetitive. Well, hang in there because this book is totally different than the others. There was so much going on that at some points I had to pause and reread or listen. Don't get me wrong, you can still follow the story fine. I had the feeling that the wedding would be interrupted. It really bothered me then I thought how the high angels were all about themselves and their timing so I went along with it. I really liked the scene of the other realm where Matisse was stuck. It was so creepy. Kane has a new initiation into a group he really has no say so to join. That sort of bothered me but I knew Jade would understand because he always drops everything for her. I really liked the group. I won't say more due to some spoilers. I really missed Mary in this book. We didn't see her or Pyper like in the others. It's ok though because there was so much focus on the story it was perfect. We get to see Lucian's black heart Curse get taken care of and the source from where it came. I just love him and Kat together. Maybe now they can live in peace. Kane's mother is a real piece of work. Lol. Gosh, there's so much I want to tell but I don't want to ruin it. I can't wait to see more shadow walking and also more of Kane's new job and how he will balance it all with his daily life. So far, this is my favorite book of the series. And if you choose the audiobook, you won't be disappointed. The narrator is as wonderful as she always is. I love her!

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