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NATIONAL BESTSELLER • “Exciting and provocative . . . A tour de force of a book that begs to be seen as well as to be read.”—The Washington Post Book World

World renowned scientist Carl Sagan and acclaimed author Ann Druyan have written a Roots for the human species, a lucid and riveting account of how humans got to be the way we are. Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors is a thrilling saga that starts with the origin of the Earth. It shows with humor and drama that many of our key traits—self-awareness, technology, family ties, submission to authority, hatred for those a little different from ourselves, reason, and ethics—are rooted in the deep past, and illuminated by our kinship with other animals.

Sagan and Druyan conduct a breathtaking journey through space and time, zeroing in on critical turning points in evolutionary history, and tracing the origins of sex, altruism, violence, rape, and dominance. Their book culminates in a stunningly original examination of the connection between primate and human traits. Astonishing in its scope, brilliant in its insights, and an absolutely compelling read, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors is a triumph of popular science.

Science & Nature
September 15
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

robpage ,

So enlightening

I read it twice. Beautiful.

clax16 ,

Enlightening Read

This book will fundamentally change the way in which you view the world and your interactions with other people. It identifies and describes why we feel the way we do, allowing its readers to better understand the motives behind the actions of others.

The best book available on evolution.

iPadCary ,

A Must Read!

I just got through watching "Cosmos" & decided to GOOGLE any other books besides that & "Contact" he had written.
I came across *this*, downloaded the sample, got hooked, bought the entire thing & immediately went through it.
About Carl -- and his lovely & likeminded wife Ann -- I can only say this: he's on a stamp for a reason ....

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