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All my life when I have been told I couldn’t do something; I have fought to prove them wrong. 

When I have been told I have to  comply, mold, kneel to authority, it has been a struggle.

Men like me don’t kneel to anyone, it is not in us to submit and if we give off the false pretense that we are, you can bet your ass it’s for our betterment or something bigger than us as an individual.

Sweet, sexy, Mary Ward, my Little Lamb, has been deemed off limits to me.

For months, I have caged my desire and fought back the need to capture my prey. I have watched her fight her own desire, mask her confusion, and listen to the words she says yet doesn’t mean trying to keep me away.

I have studied her. I know who she is and what she is running from.

I know what makes her the way she is, and I will show her how to leave behind the false protection of the flock she surrounds herself with and surrender to the wolf waiting patiently in the Shadows.

The time to hunt, and play is over. 

I will dominate her and break her down. I will to slaughter the lamb and she will never submit to anyone, but me.

November 27
MJ Fields
Jacqueline Brown

Customer Reviews

Lucy3907 ,


What a book! What a presence! What a man! Shadows is bigger than life. Going to have to reread Irons to tide me over till Titan. The subject of abuse was handled with great care as is the case with MJ. Guarantee you will love this book.

CathyBrister ,

Great read!

I've been looking forward to Shadows from the time I finished Irons. It did not disappoint! Now I'm waiting for Titan's story!!

Christine stalker ,

Amazing must read

Everyone needs a Shadow. Mary is one complicated woman. She thinks she can hide. Shadow is one sexy hot as heck alpha male. He see's what he wants and goes after it. He makes Mary believe she is strong. He makes her see what he sees when he looks at her. She is sure of one thing and that is her feelings. Could not wait to see where the story would go. Absolutely loved this book. A must read.

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