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The by-the-book detective and the badass bounty hunter: opposites attract as they’re forced to work together


Hunting murderers is what I do, but this pair is different. A modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, they’ll kill again unless I stop them. I need help—and help in this case looks like bad-boy bondsman JoJo Marcone.

Good. Bad. Right. Wrong. Gray is dangerous, and Marcone is the most annoying shade of gray—the one that pushes me from merely turned on to totally insatiable.


Tracking down a skip for Jericho Bail Bonds doesn’t usually involve partnering with a hot lady detective, but this is no ordinary case. Too much blood has been spilled on my watch, and with the mob after us, it’s getting harder to keep Charlie safe.

It would be easier if she’d stop stealing my bike.

I’m the last guy Charlie ever saw herself with, that much is clear. But I need to find her before our enemies do—and then convince her to follow her heart.

This book is approximately 80,000 words.

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December 11
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Fantastic!! I really enjoyed this one. Lots of action, suspense, and steamy sexy times. It's a very well written book with characters that are intriguing. I loved Jojo. The sexy biker bounty hunter makes this story. Charlie, a detective and use to working in a man's world, was a bit annoying to me. She was always pointing out how capable she was rather than just letting her actions prove it. Luckily, Jojo made up for it! As these two find themselves working together to stop a couple of Bonnie & Clyde wannabe's the spark between them flares to life but can Charlie accept Jojo and his world as they are??

Don't miss this one. I definitely recommend it.

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